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Ultimaker print cores and add-ons

Maximize print performance and improve your 3D printing experience with ease with the print cores and add-ons below.

Ultimaker print cores and 3D print

Versatile to the core

Ultimaker print cores

Ultimaker print cores make it quick and easy for you to change nozzle configurations on your 3D printer – giving you the flexibility to seamlessly print applications that are optimized for the job. Whether you're seeking fine details, a quick draft, or a nozzle specially developed for your chosen material type, our print cores have you covered.

Swapping Ultimaker print cores

Quick swap – no tools necessary

Ultimaker print cores

With a quick swap design, Ultimaker print cores can be quickly and easily changed, tool-free, to meet the requirements of any print job, increasing your efficiency and decreasing downtime. Plus, an EEPROM chip memorizes the size and type of your nozzle, reducing configuration errors and increasing print success.

Details, drafts, anything in between

Choose from material-matched print cores, in multiple nozzle sizes

    Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit packaging with 3D printed metal parts

    3D print functional steel parts

    Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit

    Explore a new range of metal 3D printing applications by upgrading the Ultimaker S5 with the Metal Expansion Kit. Its easy workflow makes creating stainless steel parts easier, more efficient, and affordable.

    PVA Removal Station with 3D print inside

    Simple post-processing. Faster parts

    Ultimaker PVA Removal Station

    Make printing complex designs faster and easier. The Ultimaker PVA Removal Station dissolves support material quickly and effectively, keeping operator time to a minimum and increasing productivity.

    Ultimaker S5 Material Station 3D printing add-on

    More materials, less hassle

    Ultimaker S5 Material Station

    Load and eject material from the front – even while another spool is printing. With a huge 6-spool capacity and reliable automatic switching system, it delivers hassle-free, workhorse performance. Designed and tested to run unattended round the clock, it delivers an in-house production solution to match your most ambitious projects.

    Ultimaker S5 Air Manager 3D printing add-on

    Improved air quality, safer workplace

    Ultimaker Air Manager

    The Ultimaker Air Manager (available for Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printers) gives you more confidence and setup flexibility. Designed to simply and effectively increase user safety, it is proven to remove up to 95% of ultrafine particles and shields users from hot and moving components.