3D printing in architecture

3D printing in architecture

Create stunning models in-house, quickly and affordably

Using 3D printers in architecture opens a whole new world of creative possibilities but also does away with traditional time-consuming and labor-intensive model-making methods. Create as many iterations in-house as you need at almost no extra cost.

Unlock a world of architectural possibilities

How architects are creating better designs and wowing clients

    Make Architects Ultimaker 3D printing

    "Ultimaker 3D printers haven’t just sped up model production and saved costs. By automating production of additional context models, they allow our model-makers to focus more creative attention on the site’s actual design."

    Paul Miles, Modelshop Manager, Make Architects 

    3D printing opens up possibilities for architects worldwide

    Los Angeles, New York, London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney…

      Ultimaker S5 3D printer overview highlight

      Ultimaker S5 – winning architects' hearts, minds, and clients

      Printing multiple iterations of architectural models places huge demands on your choice of 3D printer. It needs to be reliable and versatile. Find out why the Ultimaker S5 is one of the best 3D printers for architecture firms worldwide. 

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        Become part of a growing community of like-minded and enthusiastic architects modeling with 3D printers. Interact with peers – ranging from first-timers to veterans in the 3D printing field – and learn how they’re transforming and getting clients involved in the design process.