Yunting Huang – Digital Advertising & Social Media Manager

“No one at Ultimaker has ever told me: Hey, you can’t do that.”

I actually joined Ultimaker halfway through January 2021, but it feels like I’ve been with the company for such a long time already! I knew Ultimaker did 3D printing because of my brother-in-law, he owned one of the first printers Ultimaker ever made and was very enthusiastic about the company. So, when I saw the vacancy, I did not hesitate. Before this, I had always worked B2B, Ultimaker was in that sense perfect for me. But more importantly, I was looking for a less corporate environment and more freedom, which I found here as well.

The freedom to execute your ideas

A year later, this still applies. Thanks to this sense of freedom, you can really make an impact. I have made a lot of changes and worked together with our graphic designers to come up with new ideas. No one at Ultimaker has ever told me: ‘hey, you can’t do that’, I really like that. As digital advertising & social media manager, I am responsible for all content publishing and social responses across every Ultimaker channel. From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and YouTube. I devise strategies on how we can make content appealing. Besides that, I also work on lead generation. The essence of my job is to bring awareness of Ultimaker as a company on social media - as a top funnel activity - and later use that awareness to generate leads - a lower funnel activity. So I really work on both sides.”

A typical workday starts with planning my day ahead. After that, the first thing I do is check the social calendar of the week. I like to schedule ahead of time, to make sure posts are ready to go. When the socials are ready, I check the dashboards on advertising to see how many leads we got. Then it is time for some meetings, but never too many, because I need my time to map out what we do and it is very important to have that focus.

Feel the Ultimaker energy

I get to talk to my team almost every day, even though my job is mostly individual. The team is also very international, we have more than 30 nationalities within Ultimaker. This made me feel at home very quickly. Especially when I am at the office, I really feel that Ultimaker energy. The people around me are my age and have the same drive. This creates a very fun and passionate work environment. Whenever I run into the CEO, he always has a little conversation with me and the same goes for everybody else. Everyone is very open and transparent. Out of all the values that Ultimaker is built on (trust, transformation, openness, magic, and engagement), openness is therefore one of the values that really resonates with me.