Ultimaker education challenge winners

Ultimaker education challenge: Winners announced

In November, Ultimaker launched an exciting contest – calling on passionate educators to create an inspirational 3D printing-related project. The response was amazing, with over 250 entrants sharing their inspirational ideas and designs.

Ultimaker places a huge importance on education. After all, it’s only through learning that the next generation can explore the technology of the future. The challenge was for educators to create a 3D-print-related project with their students. Once complete, they needed to share it with us to be in with a chance of winning an Ultimaker 3D printer.

There were a few terms and conditions that entrants had to keep in mind. The project had to be feasible within a school environment, and students needed to work in teams. However, this obviously proved no problem for our entrants, because their entries were of an exceptionally high standard.

Making it happen

Ultimaker’s Pioneer Program is all about promoting STEM education in schools, through 3D printing technology. However, it wouldn’t be possible without the enthusiasm of our educators, not to mention collaboration with EIB, who are the main sponsors of our education challenge – and who are just as dedicated to education as we are. Thanks to their assistance, we’ll be opening the program up to more people worldwide, which is an exciting prospect.

Many thanks to the jury: Julia Haried from Maker Girl, Aric Rindfleisch from Illinois MakerLab, and Marcella van den Burg from Ultimaker.

All winners will receive an Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 2+ for their educational institution, plus training from one of our local sales partners, and a year’s supply of top-quality filament. Additionally, our winners will be invited to become part of our Pioneer Program, and before we announce the names of the winners, here are more details about the program and the inspiration behind it.

Ultimaker education challenge winners
Rewarding Ultimaker education contest winners

Ultimaker’s Pioneer Program

Our Pioneer Program celebrates our love of education – helping educators across North America to discover the true potential of 3D printing and share their knowledge with others. It is a great way to be inspired and to inspire others at the same time while adding value to the existing curriculum. Pioneers can share lessons, tutorials, blog posts and articles based on their teaching experience, whilst still retaining Creative Commons licensing of their content. Ultimaker supports all Pioneers by featuring their work, creating networking opportunities, and offering useful materials relevant to 3D printing in education. As one of the Pioneers, Aubree Stephens, puts it:

The power to encourage truly brilliant minds rests in the hands of great educators. My hope is that through collaboration, we will be able to lay the foundation for resources and curricula that encourage curiosity and innovation from all students.

Over 50 educational establishments are now involved – and we’ll be expanding the program soon, to Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East.

And the winners are...

TeacherEducational institution
Orestis CharosI.M.Panagiotopoulos School
Sergio Del Castillo TelloUniversidad Politécnica & Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Celine MonvoisinHEAR Haute ecole des arts du Rhin
Kristina ŠkalerEngineering mechanical school Faust Vrančić.
Ourania Lampou4th Primary School of Artemida
Konstantinos Kamelis1st Primary School of Kryoneri
Joe SantarcangeloThornleigh Salesian College
Konstantinos SfakianakisExperimental Primary School of the University of Thessaloniki
Marco Alexandre de Oliveira LeiteInstituto Superior Técnico
Diego Garcia GarciaCEIP Federico Garcia Lorca
Pataki HuguesLa Salle Saint Nicolas
Ada CarlantuonoIc. Foscolo Gabelli
Andreu Marsal i CollInstituto Guissona
Higini MataInstitut de Castelldefels
Daniela SandevaSecondary school Mihajlo Pupin
Silvana Pešut VitasovićElementary school Borovje Zagreb
Dr. Costa EliopolusLiverpool john Moores Universty
Yordan Krasimirov HodzhevPrimary School Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii
Ruben BrandsmaBartiméus
Prof. Isad Saric, Adis Muminovic, Vahid AvdicUniversity of Sarajevo, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Faten KhalfallahFirst skills club association
Tom MorelFreinetschool De Sterre-spits
Gieljan VantyghemGhent University
Aleksandar MiloševićOŠ Kralj Petar I
Brian McVicarColáiste Chill Mhantáin
Angelika Schwarzer-Riemer KGS Hemmingen School
Jasmina BlagojevićElementary School Miloje Simović
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Orlin DavchevUniversity of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Architecture
Karafotias AngelosPilot junior high school of Anavrita
Andrea KlinkenbergHeilig Geist Gymnasium
Federico GarridoRWTH Aachen University
Paula ElsleyInternational School of Moshi, Arusha Campus
Delila MehmedinovićJU Mješovita srednja hemijska škola Tuzla
Dumez Florence & Turquet FredericLycee Polyvalent d'Alembert
Michele MasoranoIstituto comprensivo M. L. King
Tõnu TammarKadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium
Bogusław KrzciukStrzemiński Academy of Fine Art Łódź
Hakan Ataş Enka Schools
Bogić GligorovićElementary School Sutjeska
Cyril AndreLycee julliot de la Morandiere
Triantafyllou Vasileios, MEd1st Vocational School of Karpenissi
Maria Joao Magno de Morais Silv§Ecola Basica 2/3 Proffesor Galopim de Carvalho
Antonio RinaldiIstituto Comprensivo Santa Marina
Dr. George Bampasidis20th High School of Athens
Christie DawliLAU - Fashion Design Program
Andrew ParryCharlont London
Robin PalmbergRoyal Institute of Technology
Zhelyazka RaykovaUniversity of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski
Goran JenićElementary School Stubičke Toplice
Gianna ZarafetaPalladio School
Aristidis Paliouras2nd High School of Artemis
Zissis Karassimos10th Lyceum of Larissa
Ippedico angela & Leone FrancescaS.G. Circolo Didattico Bosco Primary School
Stefania FrejavilleIst. Di Cultura e Lingua Marcelline
Fiona ShelmerdineBrookmead School
Van de Voorde DannyProvinciale Secundaire School bilzen
Damian GąsiorekFaculty of Mechanical Engineering – Silesian University of Technology
Boyanka BoychevaHigh School of Mathematics “Dr Petar Beron”
Teja Bajit M. Res.Zavod VseUk
Mr. Lloyd GriffithsNewport High School

Get involved

We would like to thank all the participants and those whose who made this challenge possible. If you’d like to keep tabs on the latest education articles, tips, and resources, keep an eye on our education platform, which is constantly being updated. To join in the conversation, ask questions or just say hello, visit the Ultimaker Education Forum. We love hearing from you!