Education Pioneer Program

Meet the Pioneers

From Kindergarten teachers to college professors, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, the Ultimaker Pioneers share their 3D printing journeys on Ultimaker's Education page.

Meet the Pioneers

The Ultimaker Education Pioneers are a community of educators who are committed to bringing digital fabrication to the classroom, fostering student engagement, and sharing their ideas with others. They are leading the way by developing and sharing 3D printing lessons, programs, labs, and classroom experiences.

Ultimaker is proud to support this group of educators and to feature and promote their work, regardless of what kinds of 3D printers they use in their classrooms. We believe that everyone benefits from an open community that shares ideas, resources, experience, and knowledge.

Say hello to our Ultimaker Education Pioneers:

Conor Bolen
Conor Bolen
CTE Teacher- Engineering
Riverside High School
Durham, NC

Subjects:  Science & Technology

I teach to help students develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills that have helped me in many situations throughout my life. I teach engineering because making things is fun, and I want to help students experience the joy of taking something from random scraps and turning it into a functional final product that they are proud of.

Country: United States

David Berkowitz
David Berkowitz
Blogger, educational advocate and Science teacher in training and CCSD
Las Vegas, NV

Subjects:  Math, Science & Technology

I am a tech blogger, aspie father of 3 with autism, veteran, and educational advocate and Science teacher in training too. I do reviews and beta testing too.

Ultimaker Forum: Technewszone  
Twitter: @itechnewszone [/link-external
Facebook: @Technewszone
Instagram:  @Technewszone
Country: United States

Jonathan Gorges
Jonathan Gorges
Instructional Computer Support Specialist
College of the Desert
Palm Desert, CA

Subjects:  Science & Technology

Removing barriers to education by using technology.

Ultimaker Forum: JonathanGorges
Twitter: @gorgesjonathan
Country: United States

Keagan O'Mara
Art + Engineering Teacher
Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School
Rootstown, OH

Subjects:  Art &  Design, Interdisciplinary

As a professional educator and maker, I am driven by the process of creating amazing things. It is very fulfilling to me to watch as students begin with the spark of a concept and continue through the design process to completion, eventually with a final product in their hands.  

Ultimaker Forum: keagster
Twitter: @MisterOMara
Facebook: @instructor.omara
Instagram: @instructoromara
Country: United States

Kris Swanson
Kris Swanson
Innovation Specialist
Pine Crest School
Boca Raton, FL

Subjects:  Interdisciplinary, Science and Technology

Humans learn best in situations where they are immersed in content, and when they desire knowledge they need to create something that they feel passionate about. My job as a teacher is to create situations where students can follow their passions, and to make the knowledge they need accessible to them.  

Ultimaker Forum: krswan
Twitter: @krswan
Country: United States

Rebecca Buckhoff
Rebecca Buckhoff
Technology Professional Development Specialist
Moreno Valley Unified School District
Moreno Valley, CA

Subjects:  Language Arts, Interdisciplinary, Art & Design, Math

Learning new things is fun, and school should be too!

Ultimaker Forum: 3d_queen
Instagram:  @3d_queen
Country: United States

Adam Driggers
Brooklyn, NY

Subjects: Math, Science & Technology

Adam is believer in allowing students to construct meaning through exploration.

Ultimaker Forum: awdriggs
Instagram: drigga_what?
Country: United States

Adam Schaeffer
Library Associate
District of Columbia Public Library
Washington, DC

Subjects:  Art & Design, Science & Technology

Learn from playing and doing!

Ultimaker Forum: Adam_at_DCPL
Twitter: @Adam_From_Earth
Instagram: @awfschaeffer
Country: United States

Alex Larson
Applied Technology Teacher
Palatine High School
Palatine, Illinois

Subjects:  Engineering and Manufacturing

I used to think that teaching was being the Sage on Stage.  Now, I firmly believe that learning best takes place with a Guide on the Side.

Ultimaker Forum: STEMedTeacher
Twitter: @STEMedTeacher
Country: United States

Allison Milgrom
STEAM Education Consultant
Brooklyn, NY

Subjects: Science & Technology, Art & Design, Interdisciplinary

My goal is to inspire creativity and design in kids and adults through access to STEAM tools.

Ultimaker Forum: STEAMeducator
Twitter: @AllisonMilgrom
Country: United States

Andreas Kaiser
Benicia High School
Benicia, California

Subjects:  Science & Technology

I am a huge fan or collaborative creativity: students working together to make things.

Ultimaker Forum: amkaiser
Twitter: @beniciatech
Country: United States

Andrew Larkin
Art Teacher
Lago Vista High School
Lago Vista, Texas

Subjects:  Art & Design

Teaching the visual arts allows me to share my passion for creating, imagining, and exploring.

Ultimaker Forum: Aplarkin
Country: United States

Andrew Woodbridge
Grover Cleveland High School
Queens, NY

Subjects:  Science & Technology

My students do their best work when they are doing it for real.

Ultimaker Forum: awoodbridge
Instagram: @bridge2nowhere
Country: United States

Antonia Szymanski
Assistant Professor
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY

Subjects: School of Teacher Education

Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. – Linus Pauling

Ultimaker Forum: toniszym
Facebook: researchin2practice
Country: United States

Arielle Goldstein
School Library Media Specialist
Bayberry Elementary School
Watchung, NJ

Subjects: Inderdisciplinary

My job is to teach students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, and creators.

Ultimaker Forum: ariellehg
Twitter: @ariellehg
Facebook: Ariellegoldstein
Instagram: ariellehg
Country: United States

Ashlie Arkwright
Science Teacher
SCAPA Bluegrass Middle School
Lexington, Kentucky

Subjects:  Science & Technology

As a science teacher, I try to instill in my students the same kind of curiosity and enthusiasm about the natural world that I possess. This is rarely a challenge since these qualities come naturally to children; however, it is also my responsibility to help guide my students to scientific understanding. Therein lies the challenge -- and much of the joy -- of teaching. There is nothing quite like experiencing moments of discovery and understanding through the eyes of a child.

Ultimaker Forum: ambeal0
Facebook: @ashlie.beals
Country: United States

Aubree Stephens
Upper School Engineering Teacher
Convent of the Sacred Heart
New York, NY

Subjects:  Science & Technology

I've been asked "How do you teach engineering; it's such a broad subject." To which I respond, "I don't teach engineering. I simply provide my students the opportunity to fall in love with the design process and encourage them to change the world one crazy idea and prototype at a time!"

Ultimaker Forum: astephens
Country: United States

brad whitehead
Brad Whitehead
Hamshire Fannett High School
Hamshire, TX

Subjects:  Math, Science & Technology

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” -Dr. Seuss

Ultimaker Forum: SteamLabs
Twitter: @TxSteamLabs
Country: United States

Brian Wetzel
Computer Technology Teacher
Centerburg High School
Centerburg, Ohio

Subjects:  Science & Technology

I make every attempt to teach my students the true meaning of failure. They have to understand that failing is okay. Being satisfied with failure is not okay. In the case of failure, my students know that they should figure out what went wrong and why. They know that failure should never be the end of any problem. It's just another step in the process.

Ultimaker Forum: MrWetzelEdTech
Twitter: @MrWetzel_EdTech
Instagram:  @MrWetzelEdTechWeb:
Country: United States

Brandy Wiegers
Assistant Professor
Central Washington University
Ellensburg, Washington

Subjects:  Mathematics

I don't teach math, I teach people how to learn math.

Ultimaker Forum: bwiegers
Twitter: @DrBrandyMath
Facebook: @INSERT
Instagram:  @INSERT
Country: United States

Burt Isenstein
Adjunct Assistant Professor
The School of The Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Subjects:  Art & Design

Teaching is about helping to expand my students horizons and take them somewhere they might not have found on their own, to help them find their individual vision, voice, motivation, and ability. The most exciting part of teaching is watching my students ideas materialize.  The best part of teaching is seeing what my students invent.

Ultimaker Forum: bisens
Instagram:  @burtonisenstein
Country: United States

Caroline Latham
St. Joseph High School
Brooklyn, NY

Subjects:  Mathematics, Science & Technology

I am an educator that believes strongly in using technology for social good.

Ultimaker Forum: tearc79
Twitter: @ilovmath
Country: United States

Chris Connors
Chris Connors
Design Teacher
Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
Oak Bluffs, MA

Subjects:  Art & Design, Interdisciplinary, Design & Technology

There are lots of great creative paths for today's youth.

Ultimaker Forum: ChrisConnors
Twitter: @connors934
Facebook: connors934
Instagram:  connors934
Country: United States

Christopher Sweeney
Design Teacher
Charter High School for Architecture and Design
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Subjects:  Art & Design

For myself, I try to use reflective practices in teaching and learning. I also practice what I preach, being a life long learner, as well as practicing artist. I try to engage others through the arts, as it has helped me greatly to understand life through art as a child, and as an adult. For any student that I have come in contact with, my hope and dream is for them to realize their goals to grow as an active citizen of the world, and hope that maybe art touched their lives and helped them become a life long learner.

Ultimaker Forum: CSWEENEY
Twitter: @Csweeneyartist
Facebook: christopher.sweeney.7771
Instagram:  @sweeney2400Web: Christopher Sweeneys' Art, Design, and 3D Prints
Country: United States

Chris Webber
Christopher Webber
Assistant Principal
Ashbrook Independent School
Corvallis, OR

Subjects: Science & Technology, Math, Art & Design

"We don't abandon our pursuits because we despair of ever perfecting them.” -Epictetus

Facebook: ashbrookcorvallis

Country: United States

Corben White
Industrial Technology Instructor
Shelbyville High School
Shelbyville, Illinois

Subjects:  Science & Technology

I try and make learning fun and relevant.

Ultimaker Forum: corben33
Twitter: @CWhite_03
Country: United States

Dan Shannon
Dan Shannon
Science Teacher
Moeller High School
Cincinnati, OH

Subjects: Science & Technology

Everybody is intelligent. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to find out each student's intelligence.

Ultimaker Forum: danshannon7
Facebook: Dan Shannon
Country: United States

Dawn Shum
York Early College Academy
Jamaica, NY

Subjects:  Science & Technology

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.” ― Robert H. Goddard

Ultimaker Forum: Dordidios
Twitter: @kyaula
Facebook: Dawn Shum
Country: United States

Deanna Pickel
Oak Ridge High School
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Subjects:  Mathematics

"Success in math does not depend on how many answers you know, but by what you do when you don't know the answer." -- Unknown

Ultimaker Forum: drpickel
Twitter: @DrPickelNation
Country: United States

Don Dagen
Don Dagen
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Lancaster, PA

Subjects: Interdisciplinary, Science & Technology

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” A famous poet may not have said it. I may not know who did. But it is true. - Robert Strong

Ultimaker Forum: DonDagen
Twitter: @DonDagen
Country: United States

Dylan Ryder
Educational Technologist
The School at Columbia University
New York, NY

Subjects:  Engineering, Computer Science, Technology

Give your students a good challenge, real tools, and time to tinker. Then get out of the way and let them work at building their own conclusions. Your feedback and their efforts will help them learn more than any textbook or lecture ever will. “Do as I do” is boring. “Show me what you can do” is exciting.

Ultimaker Forum: dryder
Twitter: @DylanMRyder
Instagram:  @DylanMRyderWeb: Dylan Ryder's Blog
Country: United States

Eric Bubar
Eric Joseph Bubar
Assistant Professor of Physics
Marymount University
Arlington VA

Subjects: Science & Technology

Kids should be allowed to break stuff more often.  That's a consequence of exploration.  Exploration is what you do when you don't know what you're doing.-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ultimaker Forum: ebubar
Twitter: @ebubar
Facebook: Eric Bubar
Instagram: ebubar
Country: United States

Gabriel-Bello Diaz
Gabriel-Bello Diaz
TAF Academy
Kent, WA

Subjects: Art & Design, Science & Technology

I want to empower my students to see themselves as innovators who can implement change within their community and the world.  

Country: United States

Gemma Amendola
Linden High School
Linden, Michigan

Subjects:  Art & Design

Innovation and creativity, the fuel for progress.

Ultimaker Forum: GemmaAmendola
Twitter: #lindenschools
Country: United States

Geoffrey Frankl
Teacher/Technology Coordinator
IvyTech Charter School
Moorpark, California

Subjects:  Economics, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

3D design and printing will be the key to unlocking the future's doorway of upward mobility for today's students.
Web: IvyTech Charter School
Country: United States

George Reynolds
Ashwaubenon High School
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Subjects:  Art & Design

Take a simple form and present it in many different materials.

Ultimaker Forum: universeartman
Facebook: @artman
Country: United States

Grace Bennet
Grace Bennett
STEM(a) Teacher
Middle School 88
New York, NY

Subjects:  Art & Design, Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

The maker movement not only brings joy back to the classroom, it fosters empathy, collaboration, problem solving and creativity.  It would be a dream come true to see it take shape in some form in every subject, grade level and every school in the nation.

Ultimaker Forum: Missdoctorbee
Twitter: @ms88makers
Country: United States

Greg Kent
Technology Coordinator
Kailua Elementary School
Kailua, Hawaii

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

I am the Technology Coordinator at Kailua Elementary School. As a former penultimate student I am always looking for ways to create an environment that is inclusive of all learners. My mission is to empower students to create the world they want to live in.

Ultimaker Forum: gkkent
Twitter: @gkkent
Facebook: @gkkent
Instagram:  @gkawesomeuniverse
Web: Kailua EleMakery
Country: United States

Guy Wadas
Science Teacher
East Middle School
Butte, Montana

Subjects:  Science & Technology

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."-- Albert Einstein

Ultimaker Forum: No1Runnr
Country: United States

Hector Erick Lugo Nevarez
Student Technology Success Coordinator
The University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Subjects:  Art & Design, Science & Technology

3D printing is progressively impacting many areas of our society, it is up to professors disseminate this technology at the same speed.

Ultimaker Forum: helugo
Facebook: @hector.lugonevarezWeb: Design of a university open lab 3D printer model
Country: United States

helma groot
Helma Groot
Art Teacher
Bexley High School
Bexley, Ohio

Subjects: Art & Design

I'm an artist and high school art teacher in Columbus, Ohio. I'm passionate about teaching  art using new technology as well as traditional mediums. The best part about teaching is seeing students find their creativity.

Ultimaker Forum: HGroot
Facebook: Helma Groot
Instagram: HelmaGroot
Country: United States

Ian Klapper
Technology Integrator
City and Country School
New  York, NY

Subjects:  Art & Design, Science & Technology

I teach students in grades 2-8 about digital design, animation, online research and how to use the computer as tool for creating what it is they want to create. I am also responsible for training teachers how to use the computer to enhance the work they do and help them to find digital resources they seek. My favorite part of my job is working with students and staff of varying levels of mastery, helping them to learn skills to fulfill their digital needs as well as collaborating with them on projects/creating curriculum.

Ultimaker Forum: iank
Twitter: @Ian32one
Country: United States

Insun Kwon
Insun Kwon
Professor of Practice
Clemson University/ School of Computing/ Digital Production Art
Clemson, SC

Subjects: Art & Design

I am a Sculptor/Professor/Digital Artist. My Focus is in Character design, Character/Creature modeling, and 3D printing.

Ultimaker Forum: insunkwon
Country: United States

Jackie Derr
Jackie Derr
STEM Teacher
Perrysburg Jr. High School
Perrysburg, OH

Subjects: Science & Technology

“Attitude is a choice. What you think you can do, whether positive or negative, confidence or scared, will most likely happen.” -Pat Summitt

Ultimaker Forum: Jderr
Twitter: @jmderr10
Country: United States

jacob ayers
Jacob Ayers
Digital Fabrication and Design Specialist
Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Indianapolis, IN

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

My job is to basically condense the world down into something that can fit into a blind child's hands. That is a very simple goal with a complex means of achieving it. There's nothing more  empowering than finishing a project and delivering it to classroom and hear that initial "Oh! That's what that looks like!"

Ultimaker Forum: jayers
Country: United States

Jake Maloney
Jake Maloney
Rondout Valley High School
Accord, NY

Subjects: Art & Design

Creating and designing is problem-solving.  I want to give my students the tools they need to solve complex problems with creative and innovative solutions.

Ultimaker Forum: Jmaloney
Instagram: maloneysacademy
Country: United States

James Hofmann
Teacher of Technology
Halsted Middle School
Newton, New Jersey

Subjects:  Science & Technology

Our FRC Team Motto is: "Make it Happen"Nothing good happens all on it's own. Students are constantly exposed to behaviors that show being a positive, proactive force make change and lead by example.

Facebook: Team3142
Country: United States

Jamie Calcagno-Roach
Head of Educational Technology Instruction
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

Subjects: Science & Technology

I grew up learning about the world around me by making things and am thrilled that I get to bring that kind of joy to students and to help them find a new way to understand how to solve problems through making!

Ultimaker Forum: calcagjm
Twitter: @calcagjm
Facebook: calcagjm
Instagram: calcagjm
Country: United States

Janice Abernethy
Jan Abernathy
East Elementary
Greenville, PA

Subjects: Science & Technology

Trying to make a difference in the world one student at a time.

Ultimaker Forum: link_to_forum
Twitter: @jabernethy
Facebook: Jan Abernethy
Country: United States

Jason Garnett
Jason Garnett
Instructional Media Specialist
Virginia Western Community College
Roanoke, VA

Subjects: Other

The possibilities become infinite when we are able to custom create the tools for hands-on learning.

Ultimaker Forum: jgarnett
Facebook: vwccmediageeks
Instagram: vwccmediageeks
Country: United States

David Held
Joanne Barrett
Director of Instructional Technology
The Out-of-Door Academy
Sarasota, FL

Subjects: Science & Technology

"The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge." Seymour Papert

Ultimaker Forum: jbarrett
Twitter: @jbarrettsrq
Country: United States

John Meyers
Middle School Technology Teacher and ThinkLab Administrator
Channing Hall IB School
Draper, UT

Subjects:  Science & Technology

You see them making "things" while I see them making futures.

Ultimaker Forum: TheMMM
Instagram:  @MrMeyersMakerspace, @ChanningHallThinkLab
Country: United States

John Nordell
John Nordell
Assistant Professor of Communication
American International College
Springfield, MA

Subjects:  Art & Design

I encourage my students to be producers rather consumers:  to actively produce knowledge rather than to be passive recipients of information, to create things rather than buy them. I consciously nurture this creator mindset.

Ultimaker Forum: JohnNordell
Instagram:  @professornordell
Country: United States

John Schmitt
Operations Coordinator
St. Louis Community College
St. Louis, MO

Subjects: Art & Design

Graphic design and communications mixed with digital fabrication.

Ultimaker Forum: danteslollipop
Country: United States

Jonathan Rothman
Teacher - Maker Education
Academy for Software Engineering
New York, NY

Subjects:  Mathematics, Art & Design, Other

I’m a public school math teacher turned maker educator.  I love to co-develop projects. My long-term goal is to develop a design and digital fabrication curriculum that meets the needs of students in under-served communities.

Ultimaker Forum: jrothman
Twitter: @j4rothman
Country: United States

Josh Ajima
Josh Ajima
Technology Resource Teacher
Dominion High School
Sterling, VA

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

The availability of affordable digital fabrication devices gives students access to real world tools to solve authentic problems. It is an exciting time to be involved in 3d printing and maker education because there are so few models directly related to the content area. The scarcity of models provides an awesome opportunity for students to research, design, fabricate and share new content to the world.

Ultimaker Forum: designMakeTeach
Twitter: @DesignMakeTeach
Facebook: DesignMakeTeach
Instagram: DesignMakeTeach
Country: United States

Joshua Pearce
Joshua Pearce
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI

Subjects: Science & Technology

Share and we all grow rich.

Ultimaker Forum: pearce
Twitter: @ProfPearce
Country: United States

Joy Schultz
Upper School Visual Arts Specialists
Episcopal Collegiate School
Little Rock, AR

Subjects: Art & Design

I help students connect to their passions, creating original compositions through the visual arts. My Choice Based Art Studio is designed to elevate the possibilities for students to reach their highest design potential.

Ultimaker Forum: JoySchultz
Twitter: @joycschultz
Instagram: Schultz_Life
Country: United States

karen blumberg
Karen Blumberg
Technology Coordinator
The Brearley School
New York, NY

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

I am passionate about helping teachers and students make wise choices and use technology academically, creatively, and responsibly. I also encourage my community members to be problem finders as well as problem solvers.

Ultimaker Forum: karenblumberg
Twitter: @karenblumberg
Facebook: karenblumberg
Instagram: karenblumberg
Country: United States

Karie Huttner
Educational Technology Coordinator
Country View Elementary
Vernoa, WI

Subjects: Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

Everyone is a maker.... find your medium.

Ultimaker Forum: khuttner
Twitter: @huttnerk
Country: United States

Kelly Funk
4th grade teacher
District 23 - Anne Sullivan
Prospect Heights, Illinois

Subjects:  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Sciences

I am passionate about education and supporting students learning through innovative ways. I am always looking to improve my own practice with the support of others. Technology and creation is real way to express learning.

Ultimaker Forum: kfunk23
Twitter: @KellyFunk94
Country: United States

Kendall Furbee
Internal Marketing Manager of MakerGirl
The University of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Art & Design

"The role of leaders is not to get other people to follow them but to empower others to lead" --  Bill George

Ultimaker Forum: kfurbee
Twitter: @Kendallfurbs
Facebook: @kendall.furbee
Instagram:  @kfurbs
Country: United States

Kristen Massic
Advanced Learning Center
Springville, Utah

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Other

Teaching and learning should be fun, creative, inspiring, and challenging. I enjoy teaching through creation, evaluation, and reiteration. I feel that trouble-shooting is one of the best ways to learn. I also feel that the ability of students self-asses and give feedback outweighs grades/marks. I enjoy giving my students opportunities to learn content by having students work on real-world problems.

Ultimaker Forum: KMassic
Instagram:  @alc_engineering
Country: United States

Kristen Schreck
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Saint Xavier UniversityChicago, Illinois

Subjects:  Mathematics

"One day I would like to teach just a few people many and beautiful things that would help them when they will one day teach a few people." -- Anonymous

Ultimaker Forum: kristenschreck
Twitter: @mongemath
Country: United States

Laura Taalman
Professor of Mathematics
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Subjects:  Mathematics, 3D Printing, Amateur Design

The best thing we can teach students is how to fail, try again, fail some more, and keep trying again until they get where they want to be. This comes naturally to students when they are engaged in a design process, but is more difficult for them to embrace in mathematics. My hope is that maker/design experiences can help students learn how to succeed in all of their courses.

Ultimaker Forum: mathgrrl
Twitter: @mathgrrlWeb: Academic website at JMUNew Blog: HacktasticOld Blog: MakerHome
Country: United States

Linda Witte
Linda Witte
Math Teacher
David A Boody
Brooklyn, NY

Subjects: Math, Interdisciplinary

I believe students learn by doing.  Technology allows the students to realize whatever they dream up.  There is no limit to imagination.  Todays children are the innovators of tomorrow

Ultimaker Forum: link_to_forum
Twitter: @DoubleU09
Facebook: Linda Witte
Instagram: wittswim
Country: United States

Lindsey Own
Makerspace Coordinator
The Evergreen School
Shoreline, Washington

Subjects:  Art & Design, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

Makerspaces are often mistaken for extensions of a school science or engineering department, but a great deal is lost if a makerspace is only used specifically for STEM projects. The tinkering, iteration, and physical connection to content afforded by a makerspace can be brought to *every* subject area, from World Language to Math to Social Studies.

Ultimaker Forum: LindseyOwn
Twitter: @LindseyOwn
Country: United States

Liz Stabenow
Science Teacher
The Expedition School
Hillsborough, North Carolina

Subjects:  Science & Technology

Create - Discover - Explore

Ultimaker Forum: LizStabby
Facebook: @lizstabenow
Instagram:  @Lizstabby
Country: United States

Luigi Cicala
Art Teacher/MakerSpace Program Director
The Brearley School
New York, NY

Subjects:  Art & Design

"We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror." -- Marshall McLuhan

Ultimaker Forum: Luigi_Teacher
Twitter: @luigi_teacher
Country: United States

Marc DeBlock
Marc DeBlock
STEM Educator
Eisenhower Middle School
Wyckoff, NJ

Subjects: Science & Technology

"What will you create today?"

Ultimaker Forum: mdeblock
Twitter: @mdeblocker
Country: United States

Marcel Duhaime
Engineering Instructor
Christ School
Asheville, North Carolina

Subjects:  Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering

Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you learn.

Ultimaker Forum: MarcelDuhaime
Country: United States

Marcos Navas
Technology Facilitator
Union City School District
Union City, NJ

Subjects: Science & Technology, Art & Design

We can no longer continue teaching the way we were taught! We must provide digital learners with problem solving skills that come from design thinking, Problem Based Learning, and the redefinition of their ideas.  They need to learn how to collaborate with others, adopt a maker mindset, and allow their curiosity to take them to new heights.  

Ultimaker Forum: mrnavas
Twitter: @mrnavas
Facebook: mrnavas
Instagram: mrnavasuc
Country: United States

Margaret Whitaker
Mount St. Mary High School
Oklahoma City, OK

Subjects: Science & Technology

I believe that the most important resource of the human race is our children and that they ALL can learn!

Country: United States

Marilyn Proctor-Givens
Advanced Art & Design Teacher
Lincoln High School
Tallahassee, Florida

Subjects:  Art & Design

Teaching art and design has exposed me to many different materials and techniques during my many years of teaching. There is so much to learn about 3-D printing and as a life-time learner, I look forward to sharing these amazing experiences with my students.

Ultimaker Forum: proctorm
Country: United States

Mark Peeters
Technology Director / 3D Printer Educational Consultant
Comstock Public Schools
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Subjects:  Mathematics, Art & Design,  Language Arts, Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

I love when abstract knowledge, technical skills and playful imagination can mix into a single gestalt. It’s a joy designing lessons that require students to go “out of book” by using their recently acquired knowledge to create something personal.

Ultimaker Forum: peetersm
Twitter: @mark_g_peetersThingiverse: peetersmYouMagine: peetersm
Country: United States

Mary Morgan Ryan
Media Resource Center Director
Oak School
Hinsdale, Illinois

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Other

I am an elementary school librarian passionate about student voice and choice in learning and independent reading, making, global connections, and educational technology.

Ultimaker Forum: mmorganryan
Twitter: @mmorganryan
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Matthew Wigdahl
5th Grade Teacher
Oaklawn Elementary School
Menomonie, Wisconsin

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Mathematics, Language Arts

I believe in putting the best technology into the hands of my students so they can use it to learn and solve problems in our world!

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Michael Bartellas
MUN MED 3D Co-founder
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL

Subjects: Science & Technology

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved- Napoleon Hill

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Country: Canada

Michael Buist
Knox Gifted Academy
Chandler, AZ

Subjects:  Interdisciplinary

Make today their best day ever. Then make tomorrow even better.

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michele rodrich
Michele Rodich
Art Educator
Austin Area School District
Austin, PA

Subjects:  Art & Design

My goal in teaching is to share my passion for art with my students.  Through this rewarding profession, I can positively impact and inspire change in the lives of my students.  I want to be a part of my student’s journey in finding out who they are.  I hope to be their inspiration, regardless if it’s for a day, a week, or a lifetime.

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Michael Mitchell
designLab Director
St. Luke's School
New Canaan, CT

Subjects:  Engineering, Art & Design, Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

I believe that the most authentic educational experience revolves around project based learning graded on mastery in a binary fashion; a student is either working towards mastery or has demonstrated mastery in the pursuit of applying learned concepts to real world challenges.

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Mike Pitcher
Director, Academic Technologies - Learning Environments - Undergraduate Learning Center
The University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX

Subjects: Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

Creativity, Innovation, and Attitude can make just about anything possible and achievable.  

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Country: United States

Payson McNett
Fab lab coordinator/ Adjunct Faculty
Cabrillo College
Aptos, California

Subjects:  Art & Design

The classroom is a place where anything is possible, and if I don’t have an answer I will do everything I can to provide one by the next class. I challenge my students to find new and exciting methods of conceptualizing and making work and ask them to share their findings in online classroom forums. My projects are designed to first introduce them to the potential of the tools and equipment and then how to utilize those tools to visually represent their ideas and personal voice. In turn giving them a sense of empowerment and direction most of which never knew they had in them.

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Jackie Derr
Philip Cahill
Director, Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement
Miami Country Day School, Miami, FL

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

I teach because I love to learn and I enjoy passing on that gift of love-of-learning to others, especially young people.

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Country: United States

Quinn Lonchiek-Renehan
Technology and Engineering Teacher
Easthampton High School, Easthampton, MA

Subjects:  Technology & Engineering

Facilitating 21st century learning experience to help advance the next generation of critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

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Rachel Maslanka
Rachel Maslanka
Art Teacher
SKILLs Program
New York, NY

Subjects:  Art & Design, Other

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." -- Thomas Edison

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Country: United States

Rajesh Dianand
St. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy
Ozone Park, NY

Subjects:  Science & Technology

I want to be able to share my knowledge and expose the students to new topics of interest.

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Country: United States

Rebecca Simmons
Science Teacher and Director MAPS Makers Lab
Marquette Senior High School
Marquette, Michigan

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

I believe the youth of my community can change the world! I want to empower my students to be the innovators of the future.

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Rich Lehrer
Innovation Coordinator
Brookwood School
Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA

Subjects: Science & Technology

Young people have never had such potential to create change in their schools, communities, and world, and I simply cannot imagine a more exciting and impactful time to be an educator.

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Country: United States

richard rho
Richard Rho
Computer Science and Robotics Teacher
Shorecrest Preparatory School  
St. Petersburg, FL

Subjects: Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.  -Alexander den Heijer
Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. – Linus Pauling

Country: United States

robert hutchinson
Robert Hutchinson
Senior Instructor
Washington State University
Pullman , WA

Subjects: Science & Technology

Learn by doing, lead by innovation, engineer our future.

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Country: United States

Robert Pugliese
Emergency Medicine Pharmacist
Clinical Assistant Professor
Co-Director of JeffDESIGN
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Healthcare and Design

I teach design and 3d printing skills to medical students and clinicians not just so they know how to 3D print, but also to change the way they think about the malleability of their environment. I believe that if we give people in healthcare the tools and environment to create, it will promote a creative spirit that stimulates positive change.

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Web: JeffDESIGNWeb: Design Enlightened Clinician
Country: United States

Ryan Bell
Maker Educator
Kansas City's Science Center, Science City
Kansas City, MO

Subjects: Art & Design, Math, Science & Technology

Making gives you the freedom and power to change your world. I love teaching people to make things, it's like going on a journey with them from just trying to make something work and fighting through failure to confidently using what they've learned to bring an idea from inside their head to life.

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Country: United States

Sara Spiegel
Teacher, Computer Science
James Madison High School
Brooklyn, NY

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Mathematics

I have been teaching at James Madison High School, a large comprehensive school in Brooklyn NY, for the past 14 years. Although I began as a mathematics teacher, I primarily teach computer science and encourage students to take advantage of the many opportunities within the school as well as in the greater community.

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Sara Walton
University of Maine
Orono, ME

Subjects: Science & Technology

I'm still figuring the teaching philosophy out as I go - but love working with the next generation of UMaine Chemical and Biological Engineers!

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Country: United States

Sarik Morrow
Rurik Nackerud & Sarah Rolle
Technology Integrator & Director
The Elisabeth Morrow School
Englewood, NJ

Subjects: Art & Design, Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

Fueled by student curiosity and teamwork.

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Country: United States

Scott Walker
Scott Walker
Southern California, CA

Subjects:  Art & Design, Science & Technology, Inerdisciplinary

See One, Do One, Teach One.

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Country: United States

Stephen Tow
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Goudy Technology Academy/Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, Illinois

Subjects:  Science & Technology, Other

In my classroom, I want my students’ to experience the design thinking learning process and to redefine what they think is possible. Through design, my students will learn that they have the power to change the world. Design Thinking is an approach to learning that focuses on developing students’ creative confidence. Students will engage in hands-on design challenges that focus on developing empathy, promoting a bias toward action, encouraging ideation, developing metacognitive awareness and fostering active problem solving. I call my students the dreamMakers. If you can "Dream it, you can Make it."

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Steve Seffinger
Steve Seffinger
Happy Valley Elementary School
Santa Cruz, CA

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

I teach children to be producers rather than consumers and give them the tools to foster their curiosity while emphasizing experiential learning along the way.

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Country: United States

Steven Martin
STEM Academy Educator
Ponaganset High School
Glocester, Rhode Island

Subjects:  Science & Technology

Trying to help every student learn.

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Country: United States

Steven Sahyun
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Whitewater, Wisconsin

Subjects:  Science & Technology

My recent research has focused on student understanding on the learning of physics. This is a field classified as Physics Education Research. I have been interested in finding ways to increase understanding of physics to all students and I have focused on presenting information with non-visual methods. I am currently developing 3D Printable Tactile Physics Learning Objects such as pulleys and levers as well as calculated surfaces such as diffraction patterns and normal distributions.

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Country: United States

Tabitha Lewis
Makerspace Project Coordinator - IT Assistant
Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

I hope to inspire greatness and stimulate creativity.

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Country: Canada

Tanya Lerch
High School Math Teacher
Sage Hill School
Newport Beach, California

Subjects:  Mathematics

Nothing is impossible. Daunting tasks can be broken down into tiny, manageable ones. Kids are creative, motivated, and giving. If you give them a project involving technology that will benefit the social good, they will JUMP at the opportunity to problem solve and make it happen, above and beyond what us as adults can dream!

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Country: United States

Tim Cooper
MYP Design teacher/Tech Coordinator
The York School
Toronto, Ontario

Subjects: Art & Design, Science & Technology, Interdisciplinary

I teach to fuel my learning addiction.

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Twitter: @tcoops
Country: Canada

Tracy Rudzitis
STEAM Lab Facilitator
MS 245 The Computer School
New York, NY

Subjects:  Science & Technology

"The goal is to teach in such a way as to produce the most learning from the least teaching."-- Seymour Papert

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Country: United States

Victoria Witte
Technology Services Specialist
American University Library
Washington, DC

Subjects:  Art & Design

I work in a library, so a lot of what I'm doing is instructional support and not necessarily instruction. Not everybody learns best through reading or listening —some people need a multimodal learning experience and to me that's exactly what 3D printing represents. 3D printing is a tactile approach to learning that allows us to make a real connection.

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Country: United States

William Chamberland
Enrichment Coordinator
Bowen After School Care Program
Newton, MA

Subjects: Science & Technology, Art & Design, Interdisciplinary

Without understanding that the journey is our true reward when pursuing a destination, there is very little motivation for the pursuit of any goal when confronted by a challenge.  

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Country: United States

Yuriy Drubinskiy
Math and Engineering instructor
Garden City High School
Garden City, KS

Subjects: Science & Technology
To be able to visualize an object and go through the process of creating it then holding it in your hands is one of the most valuable experiences in education. The value of 3D printing for me is that it puts the creator in control of the entire design process.

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Zack Dowell
Faculty Instructional Design and Development Coordinator
Folsom Lake College
Folsom, CA

Subjects: Interdisciplinary

Start your own band, write your own book, paint your own picture!—Mike Watt

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