Library stories: San Mateo County Libraries

Library stories: San Mateo County Libraries

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    Jun 22, 2017
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Technology has the power to change a person’s future. By broadening the opportunities for patrons to experience cutting-edge technology, San Mateo County Libraries are delivering open access to the latest tools and helping to bridge the digital divide. We continue to expand our lineup of innovative programs aimed at tinkerers of all ages to encourage creative failures and teach timeless skills through critical thinking, problem-solving, STEAM activities, access to technology, and fostering curiosity every step of the way.


Ultimaker Community Team visits East Palo Alto Library
Ultimaker Community Team visits East Palo Alto Library

Furthermore, all of our libraries and bookmobiles are equipped with multiple 3D printers, an Ultimaker 2 and an Ultimaker 2 Go. We have a personal appointment system in place to connect patrons with a trained staff member for assistance with using this technology. Our staff will spend one-on-one time educating patrons about the basics of 3D printing – helping them create their ideas and designs in the virtual world and print their 3D objects in the real world. Every day, our 3D printers receive reservations to fulfill requests to print everything from toys and selfies to maps and prosthetic hands.



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