Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 1

Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 1

  • Contributed by Lizabeth Arum and Matt Griffin
    Sep 5, 2017
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Welcome to the Ultimaker Design Engine Starter Pack—a card game created to provoke, inspire, and entertain students, educators, 3D designers, artists, and engineers of all experience levels. Specially created for the 2017 back to school season, this weekly series puts the power of design back into the hands of educators and their students.

For the next eight weeks, the North American community team will pose eight weekly challenges by drawing cards from the Design Engine Starter Pack, and we invite you to participate. If you submit at least four solutions, you will have the chance to win an Ultimaker 2 Extended+! Full challenge details are below...

The week 1 challenge cards!


challenge 1
Week 1 Challenge

Challenge card

Study this card to identify the design problem that your solution must solve.

Challenge card #1 "Music to my ears" Create an object that makes sound or music.

Parameter cards

The parameter cards transform the challenge by providing additional consideration to address in the design.

Parameter Card #1 Permanent

Parameter Card #2 Design for Them

How to participate in the weekly Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge series

  • You may work alone or as part of a team.
  • Challenges are open to students, educators, and individuals.
  • The challenge announcement period extends from September 5th, 2017 - October 31, 2017.
  • Participants will have until November 27th to solve a minimum of four challenges to be eligible for the Top prize.
  • New challenges are posted here on the Ultimaker's Education page each Monday after this first entry on September 5th.
  • Each entry must be uploaded to YouMagine and must include the following:
    - A sketch.
    - An STL file.
    - Text that states the challenge and the parameters, and/or modifiers.
    - Text that explains how solution incorporates the constraints and how it meets the design problem.
    - Tags for both #UltimakerDesignEngine and #DesignEngineChallenge-Week1. (Replace "Week1" with the number for the intended weekly challenge.)

The online challenges are for anyone from anywhere who would like to participate: educators, students, and individuals.

The final prize will be announced on December 11th, 2017.

What we're looking for:

We suggest that participants use the following items from the Scoring Matrix from the Design Engine instructions to help them assess the strength of an entry. We expect to celebrate a wide-range of responses to the weekly challenges!

  • Present a clear vision for the core problem.
  • Accommodate each Parameter/Modifier card.
  • Offer an unusual solution. ("Never seen THAT before!")
  • Offer a clever solution. ("Gee, wish I had thought of that!")
  • Present a clear plan for how to prototype and execute the project.

The prize list

Tier I

Must participate in a minimum of two of eight weekly challenges.
- Ten winners will receive Ultimaker Pioneer USB Thumbdrives (Pre-loaded with educator designs)
- Five winners will receive Ultimaker notebook, pen, and pencil

Tier  II

Must participate in a minimum of three of eight weekly challenges.
- Check back in the coming weeks—there are more Tier II prizes to be announced later!

Tier III

Must participate in a minimum of four of eight weekly challenges.
- Check back in the coming weeks—there are more Tier III prizes to be announced later!

Top prize

One winner will receive an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Desktop 3D Printer!

Now, get started!

Game Engine Participants at NYU Tandon Eventspace

Any questions?

Visit our Design Engine thread on the Ultimaker Forums to chat with the Ultimaker community team and other participants.