Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 2

Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 2

  • Contributed by Lizabeth Arum and Matt Griffin
    Sep 11, 2017
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Welcome to the Ultimaker Design Engine Starter Pack—a card game created to provoke, inspire, and entertain students, educators, 3D designers, artists, and engineers of all experience levels. Specially created for the 2017 back to school season, this weekly series puts the power of design back into the hands of educators and their students.

From September 5th until October 31st 2017, the North American community team will pose weekly challenges by drawing cards from the Design Engine Starter Pack, and we invite you to participate. If you submit at least four solutions, you will have the chance to win an Ultimaker 2 Extended+!

For full challenge and prize details, see the Challenge: Week 1 post.

Week 2 challenge cards


Challenge card

Study this card to identify the design problem that your solution must solve.

Challenge card - "Another link in a chain..." Create an object that has a connector on two sides. Produce it again and again, linking each together.

Parameter cards

The parameter cards transform the challenge by providing additional considerations to address in the design. The blue striped cards are from our first expansion set: "High Brow/Low Brow." These specialized parameter cards take a different approach than those in the base set.

Parameter card #1 - Summer

Parameter card #2 - Uniformity

Expansion set Parameter card #3 - Lone Star

For further details how to participate in the weekly Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge series, refer to the challenge details in the Challenge: Week 1 post.

Design Engine @ Digital Harbor Foundation

After Design Engine Preview at Digital Harbor Foundation

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of visiting one of our Design Engine launch partners—Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland.

For this special preview event, we played the Design Engine with the DHF staff, several of whom were particularly eager, given the staff's fondness for board games and creativity exercises. We played a starter round and then a pair of short three-person team sessions.

DHF staff cracking themselves up
DHF Melting Banana design idea
Melting banana design idea

While hilarity ruled the day, a number of the project pitches left the designers itching to get to CAD software to start mocking up prototypes.

Here are a few quotes from their experiences:

I could see so many applications for this activity, from icebreakers, to brain breaks, to brain stretches. There are no limits. There were so many ways to play.

— Shawn Grimes, Executive Director, Digital Harbor Foundation

The adaptability of the game makes it accessible to the wide range of youth we serve. I could see elementary students devising contraptions from the challenge cards. I told my friends about the game over the weekend and they asked if we could play and have a "making" party.

— Ashley Clancy, Nanolab Coordinator, Digital Harbor Foundation

Not only was it a thrill to overcome bizarre design challenges, but I was even more excited to present my team's solution to everyone in the room!

— Andy O'Neill, Workshop Specialist, Digital Harbor Foundation

The game challenged me to think creatively within a set of parameters and was also a great way for our staff to bond through play on a Friday.

— Rhea Ramakrishnan, Staff, Digital Harbor Foundation

Snow Globe Chair concept

Learn more about the Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge here.