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The Design Engine Challenge Winners

  • Written by Lizabeth Arum & Matt Griffin
    Dec 11, 2017
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The Design Engine Challenge winners have been announced, following this fall's contest!


Some cards from the Design Engine set

For eight weeks this fall, our North American community team posed weekly challenges by drawing cards from the Design Engine Starter Pack. The Design Engine is a design game that encourages creativity.

The set is made up of Challenge, Parameter, Modeling Modifier, and Gameplay decks of cards. Challenge cards establish the design problem to solve. Parameter cards transform the challenges by providing additional considerations to address in the design. Modifier cards introduce an additional twist by requiring a player to adjust a design or modeling strategy. And, Gameplay cards tweak an element of play. Included in the first set were also specialized parameter cards from our first expansion set: "High Brow/Low Brow."

The contest closed on November 27th, and now we are thrilled to announce the winners!

If you recall, participants could work alone or as part of a team. The challenges were open to students, educators, and individuals. There were eight challenges to work with, and you only had to solve a minimum of four to be eligible for the Top prize, an Ultimaker 2+ Extended. Each entry had to be uploaded to YouMagine.

What was the judging criteria? We looked to see if each entry:

  • Presented a clear vision for the core problem
  • Made accommodations for each Parameter/Modifier card
  • Offered an unusual solution ("Never seen that before!")
  • Offered a clever solution ("Gee, wish I had thought of that!")
  • Presented a clear plan for how to prototype and execute the project

Our grand prize winner is:

Mark Peeters from Comstock Public Schools in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Mark will receive an Ultimaker 2+ Extended.

Our Runners Up are:

Becky Button from Virginia
Asaf Chertkoff from ORT Greenberg School in Tivon, Israel

They each will receive a set of the Design Engine, a Design Engine pad and an Ultimaker pen and pencil.

We thank everyone who participated and we will be sending every participant a bare flash drive loaded with some of our favorite models and useful resources. We'd love to see some great flash drive enclosure designs up on Youmagine!

Some of the top designs

Week 1


Door Harp
Door Harp - Parametric by Peetersm


Circular Whistle
Circular Whistle (Some thing between a Bagpipe and a Music Box) by Asaf Chertkoff

Week 2


Paper Chain - Parametric
Paper Chain - Parametric by Peetersm


Lone Star Chain Links
Lone Star Chain Links by BLAKE_S


Summershed - Don't let the summer cought you unpreparied
Summershed - Don't let the summer catch you unprepared by Asaf Chertkoff

Week 3


bookmark themed for the Netherlands
bookmark themed for the Netherlands by Peetersm by Asaf Chertkoff

Week 4


The Pentographix - The way to recrate & rescale your sketches
The Pentographix - The way to recrate & rescale your sketches by Peetersm


Lobster Sketching and Drawing Aid
Lobster Sketching and Drawing Aid by tomkins3779


Balloon Dogs Stencil
Balloon Dogs Stencil by Noah Hankinson

Week 5


screw it bud vase
screw it bud vase by Peeters


Broken Vase
Broken Vase by J_True


Self Watering Flower Planter
Self Watering Flower Planter by tomkins3779

Week 6


Proxy Map
Proxy Map by creo guru


Pathfinder by JaimeNS

Week 7


sine wave vase generator
sine wave vase generator by Peetersm


Polar Coordinate Flower Pendant
Polar Coordinate Flower Pendant by Becky Button


The Napkin Ring Problem
The Napkin Ring Problem by Blake_S


Week 8


tangram water creatures parametric
tangram water creatures parametric by Peetersm


The bartender (Pouring Water Puzzle) + Mecanical Puzzle = Meta Puzzle
The bartender (Pouring Water Puzzle) + Mecanical Puzzle = Meta Puzzle by Asaf Chertkoff


Puzzle Cube
Puzzle Cube by Becky Button

And what's the best thing about the Design Engine? The contest may be over, but you can still keep playing!

Here's how to get your hands on a set of Design Engine cards. The Design Engine is included in any educational sale of an Ultimaker until December 31st. After that, go to the Game Crafter from January 1st, 2018 and purchase the cards without the box for $37.00. Want the cards in Spanish? No problem, we've got you covered. Thanks to Flowalistik for the Spanish (Spain) localization! Just go to the Game Crafter. Both sets also include 50 Contributor cards and 10 Warm Up cards.

Thanks for playing!