Download Ultimaker Cura 3.3 today

Download Ultimaker Cura 3.3 today

  • Written by Matt Jani
    Apr 24, 2018
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Ultimaker Cura 3.3 is available now. In this special release, we have new announcements, optimized performance, and new features and profiles that give you the best possible 3D printing experience.


Ultimaker Cura 3.3.1 is now available. This update addresses several issues, including software crash on Windows OS when the software is installed to a drive other than C, crash with the OctoPrint plugin installed, and missing profiles when updating to Ultimaker Cura 3.3.0.

For more information, please check out the release notes.

Introducing the Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker Cura 3.3 contains a new printer profile for the Ultimaker S5, our latest 3D printer. This printer profile is configured by our team at Ultimaker, with all the necessary settings included in order to give you accurate, reliable prints with the Ultimaker S5. Using profiles, printer setup and configuration is as simple as a single click. Learn more about the Ultimaker S5.

Introducing Tough PLA

Our latest material, Tough PLA, makes it easier to print tough objects with high impact strength. As with all material profiles included in Ultimaker Cura, our Tough PLA profile is created and extensively tested by our team of material experts. Optimized settings give you reliable results every time, without the need for time-consuming experimentation.

Ultimaker S5 and Tough PLA
Profiles for the Ultimaker S5 and Tough PLA are some of the latest additions to this release

As always, Ultimaker Cura is available completely free of charge, so you can download it right now to see what’s new. Read on to find out feature highlights.

New profiles

Profile for the Ultimaker S5. New printer profile added for the Ultimaker S5. With a large format build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm, the Ultimaker S5 is the largest Ultimaker 3D printer yet.

Profile for Tough PLA. Profile added for Tough PLA, a new material that prints with the convenience of PLA but with toughness and impact-strength similar to ABS.

UX improvements

Updated fonts. NotoSans is now the default font in Ultimaker Cura, for better readability and for consistency with Cura Connect.

Print/save hotkey. Send a print to a networked printer from Ultimaker Cura using Ctrl + P (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + P (Mac). If there’s no printer present on the network, it will save to a file instead.

Send over network confirmation. When a print job is sent to a networked printer, a popup will confirm the job was received, including a button to redirect you to the Cura Connect monitor.

3D model assistant. Models sliced using ABS, PC, PP or CPE+ that have a footprint larger than 150 x 150 x 150 mm will cause an icon and popup to appear. If clicked, it will redirect to resource pages on, offering detailed information about how to achieve the best possible print quality and reliability.

3D model assistant

Configuration/sync button. A configuration and synchronization button has been added to the printer manager in the right panel so that network-connected printers can easily synchronize all possible available configurations in your Cura Connect group. The name of the group host is automatically pulled from the API, and network printers and local printers are separated in the list for clarity.

Plugin browser look and feel. The plugin browser has been updated with a better look and feel to bring it in line with other UI elements. The author name is clickable, which opens email for support. Installed plugins can also be uninstalled using a button.

Plugin browser

Setting visibility preset. Presets guide you to find the most important settings incrementally. A small menu is located next to the search bar to easily access these new setting visibility presets.

Setting visibility

Show tooltip for unavailable profile. Tooltips have been added to incompatible settings, to give explanations why they are incompatible.

Empty material slots. When a material is not present in the Ultimaker 3, it is now displayed as ‘Empty’ rather than ‘Unknown’.

Multiply models faster. Speed increase when multiplying models compared to previous versions.

Automatic slicing is off by default. For a better user experience, the auto-slice functionality is now disabled by default.

Slicing engine optimizations

New UFP extension. UFP (Ultimaker format package) is a new file extension that contains compressed gcode and a preview thumbnail. Using this extension enables a model preview (similar to the solid view in Ultimaker Cura) on the Ultimaker S5 touchscreen and in Cura Connect.

Compressed gcode. Gcode saved from Ultimaker Cura is compressed (using gzip) to save space.

New filetypes

Single extrusion mode. Disable an extruder on a dual extrusion printer, so you are not limited by the other extruder’s parameters. To disable an extruder, right-click it in the right panel, and select ‘Disable extruder’ to disable it. Re-enable by right-clicking and selecting ‘enable extruder’. Printing profiles are optimized for the active extruder, as well as global settings, such as build plate temperature, to achieve better print quality. Using single extrusion mode also makes the ‘print one at a time’ feature available for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5.

Single extrusion mode

Circular prime tower. The toolpath for prime towers has changed from square to circular. This results in smoother print head motion, a more robust prime tower structure, better layer adhesion, and better build plate adhesion, reducing the chance of prime tower failure mid-print.

Circular prime tower

Connected infill lines. Grid and triangular infill patterns now have connected lines for a more constant flow, better model rigidity, and reduced impact on the quality of the outer wall.

Support blocker. Generate a cube mesh to prevent support material generation in specific areas of a model. Each cube can be scaled, rotated, and moved with the standard adjustment tools to fit your requirements. When the support blocker tool is selected, click in the area you want to block support to generate a mesh. If it is positioned by accident, click it again to remove it.

Support blocker
Use the support blocker to control where support material is generated

Real bridging. New experimental feature that detects bridges, adjusting the print speed, slow and fan speed to enhance print quality on bridging parts.

Updated CuraEngine executable. The CuraEngine executable now contains a dedicated icon, author information, and a license.

Use RapidJSON and ClipperLib from system libraries. Application updated to use verified copies of libraries, reducing maintenance time keeping them up to date (the operating system is now responsible), as well as reducing the amount of code shipped (as necessary code is already on the system).

Print behaviour enhancements

Initial layer flow. New setting in the ‘material’ category where the initial layer flow can be adjusted.

Initial flow

Initial travel move retraction. Retraction has been added to the initial travel move, reducing the chance of prime blobs getting dragged into parts before brim/skirts are printed.

Unnecessary retractions in spiralize. Removes retractions on layer change in spiralize mode, reducing print artifacts and improving overall model quality.

Faster travel paths. The path order optimizer in previous versions worked on the basis that the shortest possible route could be taken from any one point to another. When combing is used, any route may longer, due to the need to route around obstacles. In Ultimaker Cura 3.3, the path order optimizer can use the combed distances to give more consistent results.

Plugin updates

New plugins. Three new plugins have been added; Scalable extra prime, Print temperature offset, and Enclosure fan.

Pre-heat extruders. New feature that allows you to preheat extruders from the printer monitor.

Renamed TweakAtZ to ‘ChangeAtZ’. This script has been renamed to be more consistent with other scripts.

Import XML material profile checks.  XML material profile files are now checked before import in Ultimaker Cura to avoid potential issues.

Third-party printers

Printer profiles and material profiles have been added for the following third-party printers:

FABtotum, Dagoma, uBuild, Cartesio, Printrbot Simple Maker's Kit 1405, SeeMeCNC, Velleman Vertex, and gMax 1.5.

Bug fixes

Ultimaker Cura 3.3 fixes several bugs from old versions, including:

  • Losing post-processing scripts between sessions
  • Slicing engine crashes when slicing a material at 0°C
  • Being unable to connect to the printer after losing a network connection
  • Using ‘pause at height’ to cause failed prints
  • Reset to default profile icons persisting after the setting has reset
  • Fixed issues with the SolidWorks plugin
  • Fixed font rendering issues on Mac OSX

Thanks to our contributors

We’d like to thank all our contributors, including fieldOfView, smartavionics, thopiekar, Pheneeny, krios-fabteam, dagoma3d, uBuild-3D, maukcc, timur-tabi, pouncingiguana, velbn, and Gordo3di.

Download now

Ultimaker Cura is available completely free of charge. Download it today and find out what’s new. And don’t forget to give us your feedback in our dedicated community of 3D printing experts.