Ultimaker Cura 4.0 early beta

Preview Ultimaker Cura’s new interface

  • Written by Matt Jani
    Dec 18, 2018
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We have an early Christmas gift for you — a preview of Ultimaker Cura’s new user interface. We want to know what you think, so be sure to give us your feedback on our community of 3D printing experts.

Please note: This is a very early beta, which means we can’t guarantee the same print reliability as our stable versions. If you’re working on an important project, we strongly recommend that you use the latest stable version of Ultimaker Cura.

What’s new with Ultimaker Cura’s new interface?

  • A smoother, more logical workflow, based on user research
  • New user account control panel for plugins that need a login, such as Cura Backups
  • Quick and easy access to the Marketplace

Interface overview
Ultimaker Cura's new interface: Recommended mode

Ultimaker Cura is a very powerful tool with many features to support users’ needs. In the new UI, we present these features in a better way based on the workflow of our users. Three stages are shown in the header to give a clear guidance of the flow. The stage menu is populated with collapsible panels that allow users to focus on the 3D view when needed, while still showing important information at the same time, such as slicing configuration and settings.

Custom mode

The new UI creates more distinction between recommended and custom mode. Novice users or users who are not interested in all the settings can easily prepare a file without diving into details.

Layer view
Preview mode in layer view

Users can now also go to the preview page easily to examine the layer view after slicing the model, which previously was less obvious or hidden.

User account

The Marketplace and a user account control have been integrated into the main interface to easily access material profiles and plugins, manage plugins that require a login (such as Cura Backups), and other features that are set to follow later in 2019.

Monitor UI
The monitor in Ultimaker Cura

Finally, the monitor has been improved, for a more seamless experience between Ultimaker Cura and Cura Connect.

Try it yourself

Download this early beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.0 today and test it out. Don't forget to give us your opinions about the new interface in our community of 3D printing experts. Another beta will follow in Q1 of 2019!