3D printing <br>end-use parts

3D printing
end-use parts

Exactly what you need.
Precisely when you need it

Within hours you can create low-volume, highly accurate, customized parts right from 3D CAD data. At your disposal is a world of materials and finishes that rival injection molding. And as a final sweetener, you don’t have the cost constraints of tooling either.

  • Market introductions
  • Limited production runs
  • Custom-made parts
  • Bridge manufacturing
  • End-of-life

Examples of 3D printed end-use parts

3D printed custom part

Precise custom-made parts

3D printing gives you complete control. So if you think you can improve off-the-shelf products, you can. And all in a matter of hours.

3D printed ballerina shoes

Low-priced, tailor-made

By combining 3D technologies like 3D scanning and printing, it’s possible to create products that fit a customer precisely.

3D printed headphones

Print+ 3D printed headphones

The quality of 3D printing is now so high that businesses are already making 3D printed final products, like these Print+ headphones.

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3D printing in manufacturing to make end-use parts

Small batch production

Thanks to 3D printing, producing parts in low volume is effortless and very low-cost. And the quality of the parts are customer-ready.

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