3D printing for <br>Lessons

3D printing for

Lessons made interactive
with 3D printing

3D printing is great for interactive, mechanical and technical lessons, or any other lessons for that matter. With a physical object, you’ll give them a richer understanding of it. It also makes the process all the more fun too.

  • Build a 3D printer
  • Stimulate interaction
  • Tangible aids
  • Hands-on learning
  • 3D printing workshops

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3D printing advances learning in both primary and secondary education.

Why choose an Ultimaker
in Lessons?

  • You can seize the interest and curiosity of students rather than showing them just an image
  • It’s hands-on learning at its best, and the best complement to a STEM curriculum
  • Access to a 3D printer can lead students to 3D proficiency
  • It inspires problem solving as they have to correct flaws and reprint in a short space of time
  • It introduces students to new digital manufacturing processes

Examples of 3D printing in lessons

3D printed mechanisms for lessons

Complex mechanisms

Thanks to 3D printing, students can easily comprehend difficult machinery, how it works, and interact directly with it.

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3D prints for lessons

Seeing is believing

Students at all levels use 3D printed models to understand it better. For example, anatomical subjects come to life with 3D printed aids.

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3D printer used for lessons

Energize learning

With a 3D printer in your high school, it becomes a tool and solution to breathe life into regular lessons like maths and science.

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Using 3D printer for lessons

Inspiring young minds

Printing out something is just the start of the fun. Building a DIY 3D printer will help them work in teams and foster a healthy interest in tech.

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Raise interest for technology
with the Ultimaker Original+

Create inspiring lessons they’ll never forget. Get them interested in the latest technology. And importantly, make learning fun. All it takes is an Ultimaker.
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