3D printing <br>visualization aids

3D printing
visualization aids

Communicate and interact
with 3D printed models

3D printed models are a fantastic practical aid to help people grasp difficult concepts more easily. Actually being able to hold and play with an object gives them a far richer and deeper understanding of a subject.

  • Surgery planning
  • Communication
  • Data visuals
  • Geoscience and landscapes
  • Urban planning

Examples of 3D printed visualization aids

Surgical planning model

Pre-plan surgeries

3D printed models help doctors to improve accuracy, lower operative time and improve understanding of critical anatomical areas.

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3D printed exhibition booth for Ultimaker

We use Ultimakers too

Our Ultimaker booth concepts were 3D printed so we could get a feel for the proportions refining and honing our ideas in the process.

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Doctor holding 3D printed brain tumor

Patient diagnosis aid

In REshape centers they take 2D MRI and CT and create 3D models. This is invaluable in helping patients to really understand their condition.

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Philips MRI scan to 3D printing

2D into 3D prints

Doctors are used to interpreting 2D MRI scans. But to help those less familiar – like patients or students – a 3D printed model brings the scans to life.

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