3D Printing in <br>Automotive

3D Printing in

Innovation never happened so fast

With an Ultimaker you can 3D print highly accurate, functional prototypes or tools that can withstand lots of abuse. This gives engineers and designers the ability to improve and test designs quickly. And it cuts down lead times to days, instead of weeks compared to traditional methods.

  • Concept models
  • Functional testing
  • Custom tools & parts
  • Jigs, fixtures & gauges
  • Small production runs

3D printed examples in automotive

Car engine model

Validate designs

A 3D printed concept model communicates in a way a CAD drawing never could. It feels real and is great for testing a product’s features and aesthetics.

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Car engine manifold with and without support

Fit testing

With 3D printing fit testing at every stage is easy, accurately creating the end product’s performance – giving you confidence in your final design.

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ABS 3D printed prototype

Functional prototypes

Going into production is a costly affair. 3D printing let’s you test and revise your design at every stage so you can verify manufacturability.

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