3D printing in <br>Fablabs and Makerspaces

3D printing in
Fablabs and Makerspaces

Take your 3D printing
to a whole new level

3D printing has an amazing way of enabling minds to make something fresh and innovative. Exactly the same attributes as Fablabs and Makerspaces. Focused on learning and education, they’re spreading the spirit of making everywhere they can.

  • STEM learning
  • Enabling research
  • Digital fabrication

The power of imagination

Fablab founder with Ultimaker

Ultimaker loves Fablab

From the very beginning, we’ve had a tight relationship with Fablab. Not surprising as Ultimaker started in one in 2010.

Ultimaker Original+ at Fablab

Ultimaker's trusted reliability

Reliability in Fablabs is vital, as their 3D printers are being used constantly 24/7. No wonder they turned to Ultimaker.

FabBike made by Fablab London

The fabulous FabBike in London

Spreading the 3D printing word, the FabBike moves from one spot to the next, carrying an Ultimaker 2 Go as it’s so compact and lightweight.

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Ultimaker Original+ in Fablab

Open source freedom

The Ultimaker Original+ is perfect for Fablabs as it’s so easy for users to tweak the machines to any and all special requirements.