3D printing in <br>humanitarian aid

3D printing in
humanitarian aid

Making the world
a better place

3D printing has the power to positively affect thousands of lives. From using Ultimaker 3D printers in emergency situations to making custom prosthetics for kids, the world is a happier place with 3D printing there to help.

  • Fabricate anywhere
  • End-use parts
  • Visualization aids
  • Recycling & less waste
  • Social responsibility

Humanitarian 3D printing

Recycling 3D waste into filament

100% Recycled filament

People are recycling waste plastic into plastic you can 3D print with. It’s creating a circular economy where material gets used again and again.

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Making 2D art visual

Helping the visually impaired

Now 3D printed instruments can be printed locally to find eye problems in its early stages – while they're still able to be saved.

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eNable hand prosthetic

Open source prosthetics

A passionate global network of volunteers use 3D printing to literally give people a ‘helping hand’. The difference they make is astonishing.

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Plastic waste recycling setup

Recycling plastic waste

Fabian and Jennifer are cleaning up beaches in Spain and Morocco by recycling the plastic they find into filament – and 3D printing on the go.

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