3D printing in <br>medicine

3D printing in

Improve quality of life with
Ultimaker 3D printing

In a field where breakthroughs save lives, Ultimaker 3D printers are helping doctors, researchers, and medical equipment manufacturers to visualize procedures, test ideas quickly and personalize healthcare like never before.

  • Surgery planning
  • Surgical guides
  • Clinical training
  • Patient communication
  • Custom prosthetics
  • Medical tools

Examples of 3D printing in medicine

Surgical planning model

Pre-plan surgeries to improve outcomes

3D printed models help to improve accuracy, reduce operating times and give a better idea of structures in critical anatomical areas.

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Communicating with patient

Clear communication with patients

Visual and tactile representations of the problem are helping doctors to explain difficult diagnosis in a clearer way to their patients.

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3D printed medical tool

Quickly validate designs

Medical products need to be up to the job. With 3D printing, iterative agile development helps you to hone it to perfection.

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Anatomical brain model

Real-life anatomical models

Complex geometries are easy for an Ultimaker 3D printer, allowing your staff to affordably and quickly print as many models as necessary.

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