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Reshaping higher learning through 3D printing

An Ultimaker is an invaluable tool at university level learning. Students can print durable prototypes. While teachers can create models to teach subjects that are hard to explain in 2D like anatomy. And so much more.

  • Lessons
  • Product development
  • Test validation
  • Quality control
  • Research
  • Custom tools
  • Learning aids

3D printing enriches university learning

3D printing at college

Fresh perspectives

For those studying technical subjects at university, having the ability to 3D print concept models and see ideas in real life is invaluable.

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Wall of printers at Duke University

Wall of 3D printers

With Ultimaker 3D printers, students can learn about new manufacturing processes and also print and test ideas in a cost effective way.

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3D printers used for Univesity projects

Fueled for the future

So many students are already aware of 3D printing and are eager to learn how they can implement it, like developing sustainable fuel.

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Zuyd University using 3D printers

3D printed car mold

University students will find endless ways to use Ultimaker 3D printers. For example, Zuyd University students 3D printed the mold for a full car.

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