Ultimaker Cura 3.4 - June 26, 2018

UX enhancements

Backup and restore. Added functionality to backup and restore settings and profiles to cloud using the new Cura Backups plugin.

Auto-select imported model. Users can enable to automatically select a model after import in the preferences menu.

Settings filter timeout. The settings filter is triggered after a 500 ms timeout when typing a setting, or on pressing enter.

Event measurements. Added time measurement to logs to benchmark different occurrences, including startup time, file load time, number of items on the build plate when slicing, slicing time, and time and performance when moving items on the build plate.

Anonymous data sharing. The ‘Send anonymous data’ popup disable button has changed to a ‘more info’ button, with an option to enable or disable anonymous data and view the specific data that is shared.

Configuration error assistant. Detect and show potential configuration file errors to users, e.g. incorrect files and duplicate files in material or quality profiles. Information is stored and communicated to the user to prevent crashes in future.

Disable ensure models are kept apart. Disabled ‘Ensure models are kept apart’ by default due to changed preferences files.

Prepare and monitor QML files. Created two separate QML files for the Prepare and Monitor stages.

Hide bed temperature. Option to hide bed temperature when no heated bed is present. Contributed by ngraziano.

Toolbox. The plugin browser has been remodeled into the Toolbox, complete with graphical elements.

Reprap/Marlin GCODE flavor. RepRap firmware now lists values for all extruders in the "Filament used" GCODE comment. Contributed by smartavionics.

Upgradable bundled resources. New ability to have multiple versions of bundled resources installed: the bundled version and the downloaded upgrade. If an upgrade in the form of a package is present, the bundled version will not be loaded. If not present, Ultimaker Cura will revert to the bundled version.

Package manager recognizes bundled resources. Bundled packages are now made visible to the CuraPackageMangager. This means the resources are included by default, as well as the "wrapping" of a package, (e.g. package.json) so that the CuraPackageManger and Toolbox recognize them as being installed.

Add printer. Older versions would connect to the selected printer in the list and clicking ‘connect’, followed by ‘finish’. Now the printer connects when clicking ‘finish’.

Slicing engine upgrades

Retraction combing max distance. New setting for maximum combing travel distance. Combing travel moves longer than this value will use retraction. Contributed by smartavionics.

Max comb distance with no retract. When set to a non-zero value, combing travel moves that are longer than that distance will use retraction. Contributed by smartavionics.

Disable omitting retractions in support. Previous versions had no option to disable omitting retraction moves when printing supports, which could cause issues with third-party machines or materials. An option has been added to disable this. Contributed by BagelOrb.

Brim outside only. Brims are only placed on the outside perimeter. Any ‘islands’ on the bottom initial layer will be ignored.

Infill support. When enabled, infill will be generated only where it is needed using a specialized support generation algorithm for the internal support structures of a part. Contributed by BagelOrb.

Print outside perimeter before holes. Prioritizes outside perimeters before printing holes. By printing holes as late as possible, there is a reduced risk of travel moves dislodging hole edges from the build plate. This setting should only have an effect if printing outer before inner walls. Contributed by smartavionics.

Support wall line count. Added setting to configure how many walls to print around supports. Contributed by BagelOrb.

Avoid supports when traveling. Added setting to avoid supports when performing travel moves. This minimizes the risk of the print head hitting support material.

Cross infill image. Experimental setting that allows an input a path to an image to manipulate the cross infill and cross fill density, showing an image in the pattern. Note that the density settings may need to be adjusted for it to be visible. Contributed by BagelOrb.

Modifier meshes in UFP. Modifier meshes are now hidden in UFP thumbnail previews.

Prime tower direction. Prime tower lines are now printed in the same counterclockwise direction.

Plugin updates

AutoDesk Inventor integration. Open AutoDesk inventor files (parts, assemblies, drawings) directly into Ultimaker Cura. Contributed by thopiekar.

Blender integration. Open Blender-specific formats directly in Ultimaker Cura. Contributed by thopiekar.

OpenSCAD integration. Open OpenSCAD-specific formats directly in Ultimaker Cura. Contributed by thopiekar.

FreeCAD integration. Open FreeCAD-specific formats directly in Ultimaker Cura. Contributed by thopiekar.

OctoPrint plugin. New version of the OctoPrint plugin for Ultimaker Cura. Contributed by fieldOfView.

Cura Backups. Backup and restore settings, materials, and plugin configurations, to roll out across different systems.

MakePrintable. New version of the MakePrintable plugin.

Compact Prepare sidebar. Plugin that replaces the sidebar with a more compact variation of the original sidebar. Nozzle and material dropdowns are combined into a single line, the “Check compatibility” link is removed, extruder selection buttons are downsized, recommended and custom mode selection buttons are moved to a combobox at the top, and margins are tweaked. Contributed by fieldOfView.

PauseAtHeight plugin. Bug fixes and improvements for PauseAtHeight plugin. Plugin now accounts for raft layers when choosing “Pause of layer no.” Now positions the nozzle at x and y values of the next layer when resuming. Contributed by JPFrancoia.

Printer settings. New plugin that includes your printer settings in the sidebar, instead of in the machine manager. Contributed by fieldOfView.

Third-party printers

Felix Tec4 printer. Updated definitions for Felix Tec4. Contributed by kerog777.

Deltacomb. Updated definitions for Deltacomb. Contributed by kaleidoscopeit.

Rigid3D Mucit. Added definitions for Rigid3D Mucit. Contributed by Rigid3D.

Bug fixes

Prime tower purge fix. The prime tower purge now starts away from the center, minimizing the chance of overextrusion and nozzle obstructions. Contributed by BagelOrb.

Empty file name. If a filename was empty and sent to the printer, Ultimaker Cura would report it as sent, but it would not arrive in the Cura Connect queue. Now, if the job name is empty, it is detected and set to "unnamed" to avoid this issue.

Extruder 2 temp via USB. Fixed a bug where temperatures can’t be read for a second extruder via USB. Contributed by kirilledelman.

Move to next object position before bed heat. Print one at a time mode caused waiting for the bed temperature to reach the first layer temperature while the nozzle was still positioned on the top of the last part. This has been fixed so that the nozzle moves to the location of the next part before waiting for heat up. Contributed by smartavionics.

Non-GCODE USB. Fixed a bug where the USB port doesn’t open if printer doesn't support GCODE. Contributed by ohrn.

Improved wall overlap compensation. Minimizes unexpected behavior on overlap lines, providing smoother results. Contributed by BagelOrb.

Configuration/sync. Fixes minor issues with the configuration/sync menu, such as text rendering on some OSX systems and untranslatable text. Contributed by fieldOfView.

Print job name reslice. Fixed behavior where print job name changes back to origin when reslicing.

Discard/keep. Customized settings don't give an 'discard or keep' dialog when changing material.

Message box styling. Fixed bugs related to message box styling, such as the progress bar overlapping the button in the ‘Sending Data’ popup.

Curaproject naming. Fixed bug related to two "curaprojects" in the file name when saving a project.

No support on first layers. Fixed a bug related to no support generated causing failed prints when model is floating above build plate.

False incompatible configuration. Fixed a bug where PrintCore and materials were flagged even though the configurations are compatible.

Spiralize contour overlaps. Fixed a bug related to spiralize contour overlaps.

Model saved outside build volume. Fixed a bug that would saved a model to file (GCODE) outside the build volume.

Filament diameter line width. Adjust filament diameter to calculate line width in the GCODE parser.

Holes in model surfaces. Fixed a bug where illogical travel moves leave holes in the model surface.

Nozzle legacy file variant. Fixed crashes caused by loading legacy nozzle variant files.

Ultimaker S5 pause at height. Fixed a bug where power is stopped to Ultimaker S5 Z motor, causing the build plate to lower due to gravity when using the pause at height script.

Brim wall order. Fixed a bug related to brim wall order. Contributed by smartavionics.

GCODE reader gaps. Fixed a GCODE reader bug that can create a gap at the start of a spiralized layer.

Korean translation. Fixed errors in Korean translation.

ARM/Mali systems. Graphics pipeline for ARM/Mali fixed. Contributed by jwalt.

NGC Writer. Fixed missing author for NGC Writer plugin.

Support blocker legacy GPU. Fixes depth picking on older GPUs that do not support the 4.1 shading model which caused the support blocker to put cubes in unexpected locations. Contributed by fieldOfView.

False material compatibility. Fixed false material-printer/print core combinations for:

  • Ultimaker 2+, PP, 0.25 mm nozzle
  • Ultimaker S5/Ultimaker 3, Breakaway, 0.8 mm print core