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Build volume

  • Ultimaker 2+ 223 x 223 x 205 mm
  • Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 223 x 223 x 305 mm
Build volume is the physical space inside the Ultimaker 2+ that you can use for 3D printing. So with such a large build volume compared to its size, the Ultimaker 2+ is built to give you a high degree of flexibility.
What’s build volume?


  • Filament system: Open filament system
  • Optimized for: PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A
The Ultimaker 2+ has an open filament system, this means you’re able to use any kind of filament to get precisely the finish you’re after. When you combine different materials with different nozzles – the possibilities are endless.
What’s an open filament system?

Layer resolution

  • From: 600 micron
  • Up to: 20 micron
A micron is the measurement used to define the thickness of a 3D printed layer. 1 micron is 0.001 mm thick. 600 micron gives you a very quick draft at 0.6 mm and 20 micron high details at 0.02 mm.
What’s a micron?


  • Build speed: Up to 24 mm³/s
  • Travel speed: Up to 300 mm/s
With both build speed and travel speed, the higher the number the faster the prints are finished. Build speed is how fast the filament can be extruded. Travel speed relates to how quickly the print head moves.
What do these speeds mean?

Ultimaker 2+
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