Seamless CAD integration

Add the SolidWorks plugin to export models to Ultimaker Cura with one click.

Print and update Siemens NX files easily within Ultimaker Cura.

Open native AutoDesk Inventor file formats in Ultimaker Cura.

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3 steps to printing a 3D model

Every model you design for print must be translated by Ultimaker Cura into instructions your 3D printer will understand. It does this by slicing your model into thin layers and saving the file ready for printing. Here’s the process in a bit more detail.


The first thing you’ll need is a 3D model. Ultimaker Cura works with STL, OBJ, X3D or 3MF file formats out-of-the-box.


Within moments, Ultimaker Cura slices your model ready for print. You can preview it, scale it and adjust settings as you’d like.


Send print jobs remotely using a network-enabled Ultimaker 3D printer, or save files to a USB stick or SD card.

Cura Software 3D Printing

A more efficient way to 3D print

Cura Connect lets you manage your entire 3D printing workflow with ease. Start print jobs on multiple network-enabled Ultimaker 3D printers, monitor progress, and keep track of maintenance operations, all from a single interface.

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Ultimaker Cura Software 3D Printing

Enhanced by our community

Because Ultimaker Cura is open source software, the whole world can help to improve it, either by contributing new features to the CuraEngine, or by developing plugins that add extra functionality to the software. Are you a developer? Or just looking for Ultimaker Cura tips and tricks? Start exploring our community of 3D printing experts.

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