With Ultimaker you can transform waste into products

Make it right

A few years ago Ultimaker was approached by a clever looking young man named Jonas Martens.

He designed an installation through which he wanted to promote his vision on a circular economy and how we can all pitch in. For this he needed a couple of Ultimaker Original’s to make it complete.

Everything starts with coffee.

We sat down and after having a few cups of coffee together he had me convinced that he was onto something and we agreed on making a couple of Ultimaker's available for his project.

Jonas took his installation to one of the biggest national music festivals and he inspired the visitors to collect plastic drinking cups from the ground and bring them to his location.


In an interactive tour the guests had the opportunity to collect ‘waste’, clean it, shred it, melt it and 3D print it! They could walk away with their very own 3D printed, sustainable ring, made from the waste they have collected themselves.

3dring better

Into production.

At Ultimaker we recognized the value and we stayed in touch since, supporting them all the way. Today Jonas Martens runs Better Future Factory with Casper van der Meer and they launch their own, fully 100% recycled ABS, called Refil.

It is made out of old dashboards from cars and it helps turning old abandoned waste into valuable, relevant, functional items.

"A frequently used argument against 3D printing is the potential of waste it can generate. At Ultimaker we foresee the exact opposite. With the ability to make your own products the need to buy them decreases. This means less packaging materials and less air pollution during transport. The positive affect 3D printing has will only be emphasized by great initiatives like refill where you change plastic waste into valuable products", according to Ultimaker.



The team behind ReFil challenges today’s trendiest industrial revolution to become a sustainable revolution. Why would schools, architects, professionals and makers keep using new plastics in a world with so much plastic to re-use? “Recycled plastics have the same quality as new plastics, but they’re way better for the environment”, Casper van der Meer, ReFil’s co-founder explains.

It is made out of old dashboards from cars and it helps turning old abandoned waste into valuable, relevant, functional items.

For 2 years ReFil has been testing and improving the quality of its recycled filament.

The team started off traveling around the world creating awareness on the plastic waste during music festivals. Today they take a big leap by making their material available for all the makers.

Makers, will you make things right?