Joris van Tubergen and the Z-Unlimited printers

Printing out of the box

  • Written by Sander van Geelen
    Mar 4, 2015

Not that long ago we introduced you to Joris van Tubergen, the first community member we covered in our series Community Stories. Near the end of that story we told you Joris printed a life size 1:1 elephant on his Ultimaker. Now you can too!

ok, lets start at the beginning

For a national campaign of the World Animal Protection, Joris created a 3D print installation with 5 Ultimaker Originals. With this installation he was able to print a life size elephant live at Schiphol airport within 2 weeks time. The elephant served as a 3D petition against elephant abuse in the tourist industry: Only when people signed the petition the printers were actively printing the elephant. All 30.000 names of the people that signed the petition are engraved in the 3D printed elephant skin.

Now how did he print this life size elephant?

Joris is inventive. He developed something called Z-Unlimited. The Z-Unlimited basically flips your Ultimaker upside down and moves it all the way up along a wall while it is printing on a rail. To convert your 3D printer to reach unlimited height will only take you 10 minutes. And this operation is just as easy to undo.

Full elephant

This is how Z-Unlimited works

The Z-Unlimited just launched on Kickstarter so you have the opportunity to back this project and you too will be able to print your own elephant, human sculpture or other tall objects!

Do you want to turn your world around and use Z-Unlimited too?


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