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Identified in our previous 3D Printing Sentiment Index as a cautious market that lags behind other adopters, this year sees Japan fall from 6th to 7th place. But significant long-term potential remains.

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Perceived benefits in Japan

Japan may be famed for its embrace of technology but, in terms of 3D printing, attitudes appear a little conservative and adoption slow. Figures for the installed base of 3D printers show Japan is currently on a par with France and behind countries like the UK, Germany, and even Mexico (all of which have more printers in use).

Figures from our survey confirm the view of a fairly conservative market. Awareness of the technology at an overall level is reasonably good, tracking the global average very closely. Our research shows the proportion of Japanese companies which claim to have adopted the technology to the stage where it is embedded in their business is in line with global averages – however, this year's Index confirms wider adoption (as a proportion of the total potential) is low and behind the global average.

Those Japanese companies that use the technology are keeping pace in terms of their deployment of applications and materials. They demonstrate less inclination to embrace composites but a slightly greater interest than average in metal printing.

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