Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

Ernest Bou Grau

Cofounder, EMES3D – Barcelona, Spain


EMES3D – the first professional service bureau for Ultimaker industrial customers – is a 3D printing and industrial engineering service company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. There, cofounder Ernest Bou Grau works to accelerate the integration of 3D printing technology into organizations around the world. Ernest and his team work with customers to create tailor-made 3D printed parts for created from polyamide technical materials, which are flexible, antistatic, and temperature resistant.

“We aim to help our industrial customers adopt additive manufacturing in their manufacturing process,” Ernest says. “Especially in plants requiring tools, jigs, sensor supports, and grippers.”

3D printing enables companies to optimize and reduce time and cost of the manufacturing process by offering locally distributed production, local manufacturing, and avoiding the need for transporting parts or tools long distances.

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