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Inside Ultimaker: Meet Jeffrey Wijkhuisen

Behind every successful company, there is a team of amazing people with their own unique talents and passions. Our Inside Ultimaker series is designed to help you put a name to a face and get to know us better. Today, the spotlight is on Jeffrey Wijkhuisen.

Together with Sven Terlingen, Jeffrey creates assembly manuals for our existing and future printers. He expertly trains the assembly operators and he’s also responsible for giving new employees an introduction training course for our pre-assembly and assembly stations. When a new instruction comes out, he hands it out to the operators and explains why he’s making the change, and then patiently shows the team how it should be done.

What Jeffrey enjoys the most about his job is that "it embraces a creative mind and gives you the opportunity to grow in your own field of work. But it also gives you the possibility to expand your work field with new tasks and completely new functions within the company."

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Prior Ultimaker

Before Ultimaker, Jeffrey worked as a security officer in the mobile surveillance division of a local Dutch company. But when he heard about Ultimaker, he felt it was just the sort of company he’d love to work for. So he applied for a job he saw and was successful.

Over the next 5-10 years, Jeffrey has a clear idea of where Ultimaker is going: “In my vision, Ultimaker will have grown as #1 leader as 3D printer manufacturer and I think we will need a couple more buildings to expand our productions.” Sounds good to us.

Free time

When Jeffrey gets a moment to himself, he likes to drive his motorcycle, walk in the park or play some fabulous tunes on his guitar. But what makes him really happy is having some quality time with his friends and family, enjoying barbecue and beer.

Quick-fire questions

  • Ultimaker in three words?

    Innovative. Creative. Fun.

  • Favorite part of your job?

    The opportunity to learn something new every day and the endless possibilities of creating and making.

  • What’s the most inspiring 3D story you’ve seen?

    It has to be the e-NABLE hand.

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