Multiply your success: The benefits of 3D printing in multiple locations

By rolling out a plan to 3D print in multiple locations within your organization – such as warehouses, factories, or assembly lines – you’ll soon enjoy a wealth of benefits, from increased productivity to cost savings. Below, we’ll expand on these benefits, revealing why how a plan for 3D printing in multiple locations can take your organization to the next level.

Increased productivity

By rolling out multiple 3D printers to multiple locations, you’ll empower employees to continuously make improvements to tools and parts, whenever and wherever. You’ll also be able to increase the knowledge of these employees through the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy, which offers a range of Ultimaker expert-created courses tailored to specific professional needs. Once enrolled, these courses will be available any time, anywhere. As their knowledge of and experience with the technology grows, you’ll begin to notice more effective designs, more iterations – and all-around increased productivity.

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy offers courses on a variety of 3D printing-related topics

Increased safety, security, and quality control

3D printers in multiple locations means more 3D printing. This is a good thing. But in many industries, accuracy matters – sometimes down to the millimeter or beyond. This holds especially true when your organization is creating tools or parts meant to perform specific tasks at warehouses, assembly lines, or manufacturing plants. Ultimaker Digital Factory again comes into play here, offering an online repository of tools and parts that can be printed– and that are of the same high quality – at any location, enabling employees to work efficiently and safely.

But safety isn’t only physical. You also have your IT security to keep in mind. Using our enterprise-grade software platform, you’ll have access to secure, stable workflows that function in exactly the same manner in every location where there are 3D printers.

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Reduced downtime

Reduced downtime is one of the most obvious benefits of 3D printing. By increasing the scale of your 3D printing capabilities, however, you’ll ensure that parts and tools can be printed on-demand, wherever and whenever they are needed. This means no waiting around for shipments to arrive, no placing expensive orders. And with Ultimaker Digital Factory, you’ll be able to leverage cloud-based tools to remote manage 3D printers and teams.

Ultimaker Digital Factory print queue interface
Ultimaker Digital Factory enables you to remotely stay in control of your 3D printing workflow, with print queues, digital storage, and more

Time and cost savings

3D printing in multiple locations will also multiply the time and money you are able to save using the technology. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, for instance, is an all-in-one 3D printing solution that features an Air Manager, which shields users from hot and moving components and filters up to 95% of UFPs, and Material Station, which safely stores 3D printing filament.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is easy to use, flexible, and reliable, with an attractive total cost of ownership, that will soon reveal ROI. Need more convincing? Check out our white paper "The ROI of 3D Printing" to learn how much you stand to save with 3D printing. In addition to money, you’ll also save time, as 3D printing technology can bring down lead times from months or weeks to days or hours.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

If you’re looking for real-world examples of how organizations around the world such as Ford, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, and Heineken are rolling out 3D printing setups to increase productivity, check out Ultimaker's success stories. There, you’ll get an in-depth idea of just how these organizations are leveraging 3D printing technology to achieve astonishing results.

Ready to get started? Download our checklist, “5 steps for rolling out a 3D printing setup in multiple locations” to begin creating an action plan that you can present to senior management.

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