Unlocking Possibilities in the Healthcare Industry with 3D Printing

Unlocking possibilities in the healthcare industry with 3D printing

3D printing has made valuable contributions in the healthcare sector – it has enabled medical professionals with the creation of surgical tools, visual communication tools, custom prosthetics, as well as other bespoke tools and equipment required for medical work. In this webinar, discover the innovations and possibilities that 3D printing has unlocked for the medical community.

Amid the global medical crisis that we are facing today, Ultimaker has launched a global initiative to connect hospitals and medical institutions to our global network of 3D printing hubs to help alleviate supply shortage in hospitals.

Join 3D printing veteran, Chevy Kok, as he shares more on this global initiative. Whether you are a medical professional looking for support, or a 3D printing expert hoping to contribute your Ultimaker 3D printing assets for this cause, attend this webinar and discover how we can navigate through this crisis together.

Disclaimer: Ultimaker 3D printers are designed and built for Fused Filament Fabrication with Ultimaker engineering thermoplastics within a commercial/business environment. The mixture of precision and speed makes the Ultimaker 3D printers the perfect machine for concept models, functional prototypes and the production of small series. Although we achieved a very high standard in the reproduction of 3D models with the usage of Ultimaker Cura, the user remains responsible to qualify and validate the application of the printed object for its intended use, especially critical for applications in strictly regulated areas like medical devices and aeronautics.