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3D printing for food and beverage manufacturers


Ultimaker 3D printing playbook for food and beverage manufacturers preview

Don't adapt. Change the game

In this "new normal", food and beverage manufacturers are facing bigger challenges than ever. This free playbook not only explores the disruptive impact of additive technology on the plant floor, it gives you the strategies you need to change the game with 3D printing yourself.

What you will learn

This document contains some of the highest-value info we've ever shared. Written by the Ultimaker application engineers who support some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry, this playbook will reveal:

  • The 2 simple criteria Ultimaker application engineers use to identify and prioritize 3D printing applications that will achieve the fastest ROI

  • How polymer 3D prints can replace (and even outperform) metal OEM parts

  • Our top 5 questions to ask when scanning your lines to identify new 3D printing opportunities

  • The complete category checklist that we use to ensure no potential 3D printing application goes undiscovered

  • 7 examples of industry-proven applications that have each saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars in reduced downtime

  • What the future holds for 3D printing in the food and beverage industry in a post-pandemic market

  • And much more...

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