Ultimaker 3D Printing Sentiment Index 2019

3D Printing Sentiment Index:

Which countries lead the way?

The 2020 publication of the Ultimaker 3D Printing Sentiment Index is now available. Find it here.

In the eight years Ultimaker has been in operation, the 3D printing landscape has already seen terrific growth and change. Across the world, more and more businesses are using 3D printing for an ever-growing list of applications. To track and make sense of this evolving global potential, we are introducing the 3D Printing Sentiment Index, based on independent research in 12 countries.

Conducted by international research firm Savanta, the index details a comprehensive view of the current and future potential for 3D printing in 12 countries worldwide. In it we looked at a wide range of industries and professions, including education.

How does it work?

The 3D Printing Sentiment Index is a measure of market awareness and adoption as well as overall sentiment towards the potential impact of the technology.

It is based on 2,548 interviews with qualified professionals and in-depth analysis of macro-economic factors. Five key elements were investigated: market awareness, adoption and install base, 3D printing growth indicators, perceived future impact and optimism, and technology infrastructure and ease of adoption.

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Sentiment Index is determined by a combination of customer voice and macro-economic indicators

Global rankings

Combining these factors, our research ranked countries that showed the highest expectations for implementing additive manufacturing and capitalizing on its opportunities.

1. USA7. Mexico
2. UK8. Switzerland
3. Germany9. Italy
4. France10. Netherlands
5. China11. Spain
6. Japan12. India
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Ultimaker 3D Printing Sentiment Index 2019 global rankings map

Key takeaways in 2019

As well as country rankings, the index features a large dataset of other industry benchmarks, including awareness of 3D printing technology, adoption, and applications.

One eye-opener in the results is the current awareness and adoptions levels. With 65% of businesses being either unaware or never having used 3D printing, it shows a huge potential market for the industry to serve in the coming years.

In addition, the data suggests that irrespective of current maturity, a vast majority of professionals are positive and expectant about 3D printing. Therefore, the technology will undergo significant, sustainable growth on a global scale as awareness, knowledge, infrastructure, and investment increases.

Ultimaker printers at Jabil Auburn Hills
Jabil is one of the many large businesses in the US who have adopted 3D printing. Credit: Jabil

Future growth indicator

With potentially endless data about 3D printing available, why did we choose to focus on ‘sentiment’?

Sentiments are the start of a domino effect

Said Rohit Jhamb, Director Global Research & Analytics at Ultimaker.

“Positive sentiments lead to positive behaviour and investments, resulting in a future of significant and sustainable growth. This research is the widest and most in-depth in terms of coverage that combines end customer voice with macro-economic indicators. It offers a complete view of the current ecosystem and future growth potential for 3D printing and shows that we have moved past the hype often associated with 3D printing.

"For potential stakeholders who haven't embraced the additive manufacturing market and are hesitant about entering, this index shows they should be unafraid to contribute and can expect a healthy return on that contribution.”

Discover more

The 3D Printing Sentiment Index provides free access to a comprehensive sentiment dataset. Use the link below to dig into the detail and browse complete results.

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