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3D Printing Service Bureau Startup Keeps Customers Productivity High with UltiMaker 3D Printers

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Felipe Castaneda

October 25, 2023

3D Point, a 3D printing service bureau based right outside of Berlin, Germany, is fast becoming the go-to for many companies needing to produce parts in large volumes. Although still a young company, having been founded in 2020 by Dieter Fischer and Stefan Wenzel, 3D Point has been receiving orders nearly nonstop from local customers as well as manufacturing and industrial companies across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Some of their biggest customers include large manufacturing companies supplying the automotive and railway industries.

To provide the best service to their customers, Stefan and Dieter employ an army of 60 3D printers, which utilize a mix of FDM, SLA, and SLS technologies. Half of them are the popular UltiMaker S series. The company has a mix of S5 and the recently launched S7 printers.

“I have been using UltiMaker printers for 10 years, so I know how reliable the machines are,” said Stefan. “When I was at P&G, we used them in the additive manufacturing department to print spare parts for the Gillette production line. We were printing thousands of parts, and the printers really exceeded our expectations.”


A fleet of UltiMakers to keep productivity high

At 3D Point, the team of three use the S series printers for different applications, but primarily replacement parts in series for companies, which vary from 300 to 5,000 pieces per order. 3D Point’s customers have 3D printing in-house, but do not have the capacity to print parts in large quantities. That is when customers outsource their production to the company.

With orders this large, Stefan needs to ensure that there is little to no down time. A broken printer could mean major delays for his team, and, in turn, for their customers.

“UltiMaker printers are very user-friendly, and hardly require any maintenance or repairs. The machines have good firmware and the regular updates are efficient,” said Stefan. “At 3D Point, the printers are working almost nonstop. If there is an issue, we get serviced by UltiMaker’s channel partner Igo3D. They are local, fast, reliable, and can get the machine back up and running in no time.” Igo3D is UltiMaker’s channel partner and representative for Germany, Austria & Switzerland.


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