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3D printing: The total cost of ownership

White paper

Ultimaker total cost of ownership 3D printer white paper

What does 3D printing really cost?

3D printer manufacturers don’t always communicate the full cost of owning their products. Discover 3D printing’s full cost breakdown, so you can avoid any hidden costs.

What you will learn

In this free document, we go behind the printer’s price tag to list all the 3D printing workflow costs that you should expect to pay. By reading this white paper you can:

  • Avoid getting locked into a 3D printing platform that drains your budget

  • Learn warranty details, service terms, and how manufacturers define ‘consumables’

  • Gain the confidence to choose the most cost-effective solution for your business

  • BONUS: Calculate the total cost of ownership of your chosen 3D printing workflow, with a handy breakdown table

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