5 3D printing trends to watch in 2022

5 3D printing trends to watch in 2022

Free webinar | Viewing time: 45 minutes

This month, join host Matt Griffin as he speaks with five experts from the Ultimaker team, discussing 5 trends that are shaping additive manufacturing in 2022.

Our guests are:

  • Roger Bergs, Product Manager Software

  • Bart van As, Product Manager Materials

  • Arvind Krishnan, Senior Applications Engineer

  • Kayne Ikeda, Senior Development Manager

  • Andrea Gasperini, Business Development Manager

Each will each provide knowledge, tips, and advice on the materials, software, applications, and business development trends that will help you position your organization for a more mature stage of 3D printing adoption in the coming year. This will enable you to discover better solutions that allow seamless integration between multiple systems, advanced materials, and applications. We’ll also take a look at early-stage adoption trends to ensure a full, well-rounded approach to 3D printing technology.

Take note: This is no ordinary 2022 trends event! Click below and start watching now to learn about processes, tools, and methods that can transform the way your business operates!

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