5 great tools for your 3D printing tech stack

5 great tools for your 3D printing tech stack

Free webinar | Viewing time: 55 minutes

In 3D printing, the right software tools can save you time, money – and generally make your job easier.

But choosing those tools is a challenging task. How do you select the 3D printing solution that brings the most value to your company? How can you use software to help your teams achieve what they set out to achieve?

Join Matt Griffin for a webinar, exploring the flourishing Ultimaker software ecosystem – and examining 5 of Ultimaker’s top software partners, such as Autodesk Fusion 360 and Teton Simulation, that are currently available to help you print more effectively and efficiently.

What will I learn?

During this free session, you will explore Ultimaker’s flourishing software ecosystem, as well as take a look at software tools from our partners that you can leverage to:

  • Resolve engineering requirements more efficiently

  • Lock in a solution for distributed manufacturing

  • Expose options for a part so it can be repurposed for different products and use cases

  • Understand the business case for using additive manufacturing

  • And much more!

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Matt Griffin - Sualp Ozel - Doug Kenik
Matt Griffin, left, webinar host and Ultimaker's Director of Community Development; Sualp Ozel from Autodesk and Doug Kenik from Teton Simulation
Omer Blaier - Dr. Ole von Seelen - Nicolas Boireau
Omer Blaier from CASTOR; Dr. Ole von Seelen from Trinckle and Nicolas Boireau from Dassault