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5 top applications every manufacturer should be 3D printing

Ultimaker webinar recap

Ultimaker’s latest webinar, "5 top applications every manufacturer should be 3D printing” is now live. It continues our series of monthly webinars that focus on specific, deep-dive topics that we believe are important to Ultimaker users.

In a manufacturing environment, the right application can save you time and money – more than enough to justify the cost of a 3D printer.

That said, it can be difficult to visualize these applications: What should they help you accomplish. What materials should you use to create them? How are other organizations leveraging 3D printing technology to their benefit? That’s where the webinar comes in.

Where can you see it?

Like all our webinars, it's free to watch via our website. You can view the webinar below:

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There, you can register with your name and email address, and immediately begin watching.

What will you learn in the webinar?

In the webinar, we’ll explore five applications international organizations are currently using to streamline using to streamline their workflows and make manufacturing happen. By watching, you’ll get a look at how:

  • German industrial processing company Andritz Kaiser is replacing metal parts with performance polymer parts to target engineering properties. Specifically, a lightweight housing bracket piece on one its large-scale stamping machines, which was creating using functional polymers – in this case carbon fiber-filled nylon

  • Trivium, which manufactures tin packaging for products used in industries such as beauty and personal care, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical, is recreating and improving replacement wear parts that are otherwise no longer available

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  • Iconic personal care company L’Oréal creates visual prototypes with functional aspects, enabling their use beyond shape validation – and which can be tested on the automation line to identify and prevent spills, flips, breaks, or other elements that might otherwise introduce line stoppages

  • Netherlands-based ERIKS, which offers technical components and related services to all sections of industry, designs assembly jigs that take advantage of additional strategies such as integrating off-the-shelf parts. This makes it easier for company stakeholders to identify and propose safety strategies that benefit their workplace and colleagues

A 3D printed tool used by ERIKS for film-wrapping operations
  • Ultimaker itself has created an assembly tool for its 3D printers, out of the new, tough, easy to use Ultimaker PETG, which has now launched to the Ultimaker ecosystem

Throughout the webinar, we’ll also place periodic focus on Ultimaker PETG. This tough, easy-to-print industrial material is the perfect base material to use in the creation of applications like those showcased this month. Ultimaker PETG is the best PETG on the market for Ultimaker 3D printers, with properties including toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and temperature resistance.

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What’s next?

The next Ultimaker webinar will be broadcast next month. To catch it live, keep an eye on Ultimaker’s social media channels in the coming weeks for a sign-up link. We look forward to seeing you there!

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