A Visual Recap of TCT '19

A Visual Recap of TCT Show 2019

TCT Show 2019 was a busy, productive, and exciting few days at the National Convention Centre in Birmingham, UK. Ultimaker’s booth was buzzing, and the launch of the all-new Ultimaker S3 and S5 Pro Bundle were the source of a great deal of enthusiasm and interest. A win in the 'Automotive Application' category at the annual TCT Awards further sweetened the event.

This year's show brought in more than 10,000 visitors, and featured 300 exhibitors with 62 presentations and 35 product launches. As always, we had a fantastic time and would like to thank all TCT staff and visitors. We cherish the opportunity to directly introduce our new products to the public, as well as the ability to discuss workplace challenges – and their solutions – first-hand. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Take a look at the photos below for a full visual recap:

Ultimaker's TCT booth
Ultimaker's booth at TCT Show 2019 featured hardware, software, and materials that combine to create seamless workflows
Rutger Stronks, Global Director of Product Marketing, introduces the Ultimaker S3 and S5 Pro Bundle to TCT Show visitors
Vistors watch product unveiling
TCT Show visitors watch the unveiling of the Ultimaker S3 and S5 Pro Bundle, which includes the Ultimaker S5 3D printer, plus its Air Manager and Material Station
Ultimaker employee uses Material Station
An Ultimaker employee demonstrates the Material Station to a TCT Show visitor. The humidity-controlled Material Station is able to fit up to six spools of filament, and features end-of-spool detection and automatic material switching
TCT Show visitors get an up-close look at the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle
An Ultimaker employee discusses the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle with a TCT Show visitor
TCT Show visitors take a look at the Ultimaker S3, the newest addition to the S-line of 3D printers
The Ultimaker booth showcased 96 3D printing materials. More than 80 companies have developed material print profiles for FFF 3D printing under the Ultimaker Material Alliance
An Ultimaker employee and TCT Show visitors discuss 3D printing materials. Those on display make it possible to print applications with different materials with specific properties, such as heat, impact and chemical resistance, flexibility, and strength
Rutger Stronks (left), Global Director of Product Marketing, and Nuno Campos, CMO, celebrate winning the TCT Automotive Application Award, for Ultimaker's work with Ford and Trinckle in the automated design of jigs and fixtures

Read the full story of how Ford used Ultimaker 3D printers to reinvent efficient manufacturing.

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