Ultimaker webinar achieve more by 3D printing modular parts

Achieve more by 3D printing modular parts

Free webinar | Viewing time: 55 minutes

Want to go beyond the limitations of 3D printing technology and materials?

Then modular part design can dramatically increase the value and durability of professional 3D printing applications.

But when should modularity be considered? And which off-the-shelf parts should be used?

Join Matt Griffin for a technical webinar that explores how modular techniques can be translated for use in additive manufacturing. His special guest – Ultimaker Application Engineer, Lars de Jongh – will inspire you with industry-proven modular applications and help you gain more confidence in making advanced print strategy decisions.

What will I learn?

Key takeaways will include:

  • How to develop a modular 3D printing mindset when assessing application requirements

  • Which 6 common off-the-shelf parts can save you the most time, money, and headaches

  • All the international parts suppliers recommended by Ultimaker Application Engineers

  • 11 application signposts that point to a modular design solution

  • And much more...

Sound good?

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Matt Griffin and Lars de Jongh
Matt Griffin, left, webinar host and Ultimaker's Director of Community Development, and Lars de Jongh, Application Engineer at Ultimaker