Company update: Ultimaker announces price adjustments

It is hard to miss in the daily news coverage: price inflations are widespread and significant in magnitude.

In addition, the worldwide shortage of microprocessors is a major constraint on supply and is driving high-tech companies like Ultimaker to assign significant engineering resources to redesigning in-market products with more widely available components. 

The Ultimaker engineering and supply chain teams have worked hard to maintain ongoing quality and supply, but not without considerable price increases and engineering investments. 

Price adjustments by product

Consequently, we will increase the suggested retail prices of Ultimaker S-line 3D printers by 9% and the Ultimaker 2+ Connect printer by 5% as of April 1, 2022. 

On the positive side, we also identified the opportunity to provide price reductions when Ultimaker 3D printers are purchased together with our pioneering accessory products, such as the Material Station or Air Manager. As a result, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Ultimaker 2+ Connect Bundle will be available with a bundled discount moving forward.

Pricing for Ultimaker software subscriptions, filaments, and spare parts remain unchanged as of April 1, 2022. 

2021 prices maintained for educators

Note that these changes include some regional and sector variances. For example, Ultimaker will make some exceptions for its education-sector customers who typically make most of their purchasing decisions right after the price increase takes effect. During the 2nd quarter of 2022, educational customers will still be able to purchase Ultimaker 3D printers at 2021 prices as part of volume deals to equip their educational labs with advanced 3D printing technology. 

Please check with your local Ultimaker reseller for the updated prices as of April 1, 2022. And if you want benefit from the current prices, be sure to order before the end of the month!

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