Composite Materials Showdown

PET CF vs. ABS CF vs. Nylon 12 CF

Back by popular demand, we’re proud to announce the first Materials Showdown of the year! We will be pitting different composite materials against one another - PET CF vs. ABS CF vs. Nylon 12 CF. Join Luis and Ryan as they dive into the specifics of each carbon fiber composite to help you determine the right material for your specific application - whether you’re looking for part strength, stiffness, durability, thermal resistance, moisture resistance, and more!

Watch the webinar

During this live Composite Materials Showdown, we will:

- Compare the different composite material tech specs & applications
- Explain how different property requirements can affect your material of choice
- Discuss the benefits of composite parts & assemblies vs. those fabricated out of metal
- Dive into the process of annealing, and how it can affect performance
- Showcase which UltiMaker printers are best suited to print with carbon fiber

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