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Digital transformation starts with a platform

Introducing Ultimaker Professional and Excellence software

Ultimaker is proud to announce the launch of new software subscription plans that empower your teams to scale 3D printing innovation across your organization: Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence.

Both software plans were announced at the Ultimaker Transformation Summit, beginning a four-day conference during which 3D printing experts will come together to discuss the changing face of the technology and the ways in which innovation is already driving transformation.

Whether you're a start-up or a global enterprise, Ultimaker software has you covered, with a solution to suit every organization's needs.

Our platform supports your end-to-end workflow, from storing parts in a globally accessible library to printing them when and where they're needed. It's all you need to scale out 3D printing to its maximum potential – and make digital transformation happen.

Ultimaker Professional product video
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And if that wasn’t enough, when you subscribe, you can try the platform free for 30 days and cancel at any time. Keep reading to find out how.

But first, for Ultimaker Essentials…

The launch of these new plans serves as a pivotal moment for Ultimaker. It forms a key part of our transformation from a manufacturer of 3D printers to a complete 3D printing platform. But what’s a platform without the perfect starting point?

Beginning today, we’re including unending access to Ultimaker Essentials with every new 3D printer. When you buy a new printer, you'll receive a link to activate your Essentials plan so you can unlock the power of our entire platform from first print.

You can learn more about what's included with Ultimaker Essentials by following the link at the end of this blog.

Ultimaker Professional

Ultimaker Professional provides you with the software tools you need to take your organization's 3D printing capabilities to the next level.

Build and control a company-wide Digital Library of tools and parts, with access to the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy e-learning platform, full reporting oversight of your 3D printing operation, and a seamless workflow that enable your teams to work more efficiently that ever – it's all at your fingertips.

A subscription to Ultimaker Professional enables you to:

  • Share, inspire, print. Cultivate a workforce of printing professionals with a common goal, sharing best practices and designs, and building a Digital Library of parts that your organization can use to continually increase the number of successful applications available your engineers and operators

  • Learn, collaborate, produce. Access to advanced courses in the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy e-learning platform enables your organization to push innovation to its limits. With courses designed specifically for multiple roles and skill levels, you'll flexibly upskill your workforce from novices to 3D printing professionals

The Digital Library
The Digital Library stores parts in the cloud, ready to print at any location you choose
Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy
Take online courses on subjects from 3D printer operation to application engineering
  • Get on with work – no workarounds. A seamless, connected workflow enables your engineers to work more efficiently than ever – manage and monitor Ultimaker 3D printers remotely, and save time by printing directly from the Digital Library

  • Make data-driven decisions. Reduce costs, meet goals, and react quickly to changes – all backed by the data that proves it. Templates for BI tooling, plus information on the business value of tools and parts within the Digital Library also give you full reporting oversight of your entire 3D printing operation

  • Stay safe with tools built for business. Ultimaker's full software platform offers you enterprise-grade security, support, and control via software that meets international regulations, organization-wide access management, access to Ultimaker Cura Enterprise, and direct support – enabling you to 3D print with peace of mind

3D printer management in the Ultimaker Digital Factory
Manage print jobs remotely and view reporting on your 3D printers
User access management features
Centrally manage user access to the Ultimaker platform across your organization

Ultimaker Professional is available for €500 ($600), €1,500 ($1,800), or €5,000 ($6,000) per organization, per year (excluding taxes). Pricing levels depend on the number of printers and users.

Ultimaker Excellence

Ultimaker Excellence is the complete, tailored solution to your organization's digital transformation – whatever your business requirements.

Featuring an open platform with API access, federated single sign-on capabilities, and dedicated expert hours for specific roles, this plan ensures you get the support you need, when you need it.

A subscription to Ultimaker Excellence provides you with:

  • Software that fuels innovation. Cultivate expertise with software that maximizes the power of 3D printing, aided by a Digital Library of tools and parts, full 3D printer overviews, seamless CAD integration, just as with Ultimaker Professional

  • A custom workflow for your business. Enjoy full flexibility to unlock the 3D printing solution that's perfect for your organization, with business-custom process such as federated single sign-on, and API to integrate Ultimaker Digital Factory into software tooling

  • Tailored, expert support. With dedicated expert hours, Ultimaker Excellence speeds up your adoption by enabling you to get the support you need, when you need it – whether it's advice on application development from application engineers, BI support for specific tooling for data engineers, or API integration support

  • Less waiting, more productivity. Access direct, 24-hour business day support from Ultimaker experts, with no more than a six-hour response time, ensuring you stay active, efficient, and productive

An application engineer inspecting a 3D print
Ultimaker Excellence includes expert support hours from data, integration, and application engineers

Pricing for Ultimaker Excellence is customized based on an organization’s requirements. Get in touch to discuss your needs today.

And sign up to either Ultimaker Professional or Excellence before July 1, 2021 to receive 20% off your first year.

We truly believe that the launch of these new software plans is the start of something special for the 3D printing industry. We couldn’t be more excited – and can’t wait to see what the future has in store as you unlock the magic of the Ultimaker platform to make it happen.

Ready to see exactly what the new Ultimaker software subscription plans can do for you?

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