Enhanced, improved, streamlined: Ultimaker firmware 5.8.0

Ultimaker’s firmware update 5.8.0 is available now for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, Ultimaker S5, and Ultimaker S3. Once installed, you’ll see an improved way for the Ultimaker S5 Material Station to handle materials, enhancements to Ultimaker Digital Factory, and more updates that make your 3D printing experience as smooth as possible.

Improved material unloading 

Filaments will now be parked above the print head rather than pulled back into the Ultimaker S5 Material Station. This will result in less stress and wear placed on filaments, as well as enable you to regain control of your printer more quickly, as you won’t have to wait for materials to completely unload. You’ll also be able to start prints faster when using the same material configuration. 

Most materials will remain parked for two hours. PVA, however, will remain parked for 60 hours, as it is more prone to stress while moving through feeders and Bowden tubes. 

Notifications and warnings in Ultimaker Digital Factory 

Previously in Ultimaker Digital Factory, the printer would not specify why it paused printing. Now, should a printer require attention, a warning or error message will be shown in Ultimaker Digital Factory. You will be prompted to go to the printer, resolve the issue – change materials, for example – and continue printing. 

When printing pauses, a warning or error will now be shown in Ultimaker Digital Factory

This update ensures you stay productive and involved throughout the printing process – no surprises, no hiccups, and no delays. 

 Cloud camera view in Ultimaker Digital Factory 

The camera view, previously only available locally, is now also available in the cloud, allowing you to monitor print progress wherever, whenever. With remote camera viewing, you’ll gain more control over your prints, with direct visual feedback on print progression – and the ability to act and resolve any issues, should they arise.

The cloud camera view allows you to remotely monitor print progress

NOTE: This feature was released in a previous firmware version but has not yet been highlighted. To minimize network load, refresh rate is approximately 10 seconds.

Bug fixes

For the Ultimaker S5 Material Station

  • Dehumidifier ER67. Each time you switch the Ultimaker S5 Material Station on, the dehumidifier undergoes a self-test. An error caused this to not properly trigger. This has been fixed.

  • Dehumidifier ER68.ER68 means that the humidity in the Material Station is not below its threshold of 40%. This error will now only trigger 12 hours after power-up, to give the dehumidifier time restore the internal humidity.

For the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3

  • Fixed a bug when a guest printer is connected to Ultimaker Digital Factory.

  • Adding a printer which was a guest within in a group did not actually connect the printer to your Ultimaker Digital Factory. Now, establishing an Ultimaker Digital Factory connection will remove the printer from the group and allow it to be immediately used.

Ultimaker is committed to continuously improving your productivity. With every firmware update, we strive to give you the best 3D printing experience possible. Want the full rundown? Check out the release notes for Ultimaker firmware 5.8.0.

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