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Enhanced print preparation with Ultimaker Cura 4.8 beta


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Ultimaker Cura 4.8 beta has landed. Download it now to experience several new features that enable you to enhance your print preparation, so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever.

Arrange models feature improvement

Until now, the arrange models feature has not fully utilized the build plate’s area, meaning users were spending too much time arranging models’ positions upon it. An improved arrange models feature, however, helps you quickly organize your build plate. Parts are automatically more tightly packed, using the full available space of the build plate. This improves user experience, especially for batch production, saving time by minimizing the number of manual steps for build plate arrangement.

NOTE: This feature was developed with the power of the open-source community. Big thanks to Prusa Research, who developed the open-source library used to create the feature’s improvements.

With the Arrange Models feature, parts are automatically more tightly packed, using the full available space of the build plate

New features

Color object below build plate. Ultimaker Cura now shows a different color when an object is below the build plate, creating a clear visual of which part of the object will be cut off and not printed.

When an object is below the build plate, it will be displayed as a different color

Load project file improvements. If you load a project file, you can now select which printer type you want to open it, improving user experience when working with 3MF and multiple printers.

You can now select which printer type you want to open project files

Bug fixes

Bugs fixed in Ultimaker Cura 4.8 beta include:

Measurement units correctly applied. Previously, when changing percentages, the wrong axis would be scaled, resulting in a broken model. This has been fixed.

Artifact removal in curves. Fixed an issue that left tiny artifacts in certain curves, causing the print head to slow down. This results in smoother print surfaces when printing such curves.

Give us your feedback

Discover other exciting developments by downloading the Ultimaker Cura 4.8 beta today. Beta releases are all about user feedback, so don’t forget to give us yours on our community of 3D printing experts.

Download the beta

Please note this version of Ultimaker Cura is in the beta phase and still under development. Be sure to use the latest stable release if you’re working on an important project.