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Gourmet Cazorla: Optimizing production lines through 3D printing

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Bennie Sham

October 4, 2023

Story and video produced by UltiMaker partner Sicnova


Since 2003, Gourmet Cazorla has been making meat products. From its facility in Linares, Jaén, it manufactures over 150 distinct pâté flavors.

The company's production volume has consistently grown over the years. And from 2022, it began exploring how 3D technology could optimize its production lines. Thanks to UltiMaker 3D printers and Shining 3D scanners, Gourmet Cazorla has not only become more efficient but has also successfully saved time and costs.

Challenge: Custom manufacturing of designs and spare parts

Gourmet Cazorla started as a small factory producing meat products and pâté in 2003. Recently, the company recognized the potential of 3D technologies as a means to manufacture their own spare parts without relying on third-party suppliers.

In addition, 3D printing opened up opportunities for creating their own unique designs. The company sought advice from the experts at Sicnova regarding the necessary equipment and materials to be used in their production lines.

"We’re always coming up with new parts to incorporate into production. The 3D technologies have quickly paid for themselves thanks to the time and money saved, and we plan to continue using them at the facility." – Juan Alberto Marín, Head of Maintenance at Gourmet Cazorla

Gourmet Cazorla

Solution: The UltiMaker S5 3D printer and the EinScan SP scanner from Shining 3D

The pâté producer had its first foray into the world of additive manufacturing with the purchase of an UltiMaker S5 3D printer. They then added a Shining 3D EinScan SP scanner to digitize smaller spare parts that are more challenging to design.

UltiMaker reseller, Sicnova advised Gourmet Cazorla on the purchase of equipment and on the printing materials to use through their application engineering service. Since then, the meat processor utilizes nylon to print specific parts for their production lines and spare parts. Occasionally, they also use PLA as a more cost-effective material.

Result: 90% Savings on lid positioners and faster spare parts

Since incorporating 3D technologies, Gourmet Cazorla has been able to print their own lid positioners, clamping pieces for securing lids against cans, and inlet combs for conveyor belts. Additionally, they print addons and covers for their machinery.

Gourmet Cazorla

3D printing the lid positioners for pâté jars results in a 90% saving compared to the original cost of the parts. Previously, they ordered these from the manufacturer at €1,000 each and waited 20 days for delivery. But now they can produce replacements in just three days. The company is already considering other 3D printing applications like railings and guides for their production line.


For Juan Alberto Marín and his team, 3D printing and scanning have become crucial technologies at Gourmet Cazorla. "With the time and money saved, the investment has quickly paid off, and we will continue to use it for many more projects," says Marín.

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