Increase the productivity of your 3D printing workflow with Ultimaker Firmware 6.5

Increase the productivity of your 3D printing workflow with Ultimaker Firmware 6.5

An update for Ultimaker S-line printers, Firmware 6.5 helps to improve your 3D printing workflow, as we introduce more streamlined troubleshooting and error handling, and the ability to import material profiles from USB. And with this release, Material Station users will enjoy even better material handling, with more reliability.

For more on how Firmware 6.5 makes material handling and troubleshooting quicker and easier, watch the video below and scroll down for more on each feature.

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Import material profiles from USB

If you have been 3D printing with 3rd-party materials but haven’t installed the material profile to your printer, you can now install them via USB. This is especially useful if you print offline and don’t synchronize across your network.


To import material profiles to your printer via USB, simply slice your print job in Ultimaker Cura with the third party material profile and save it to USB. If you then select Import Material Profiles from the Settings menu, your printer will scan the USB for unknown material profiles and install them. This makes your printing workflow much easier, as the printer will then automatically recognize these profiles for future prints.

Improved error handling for all users

With the release of Firmware 6.5, we have improved the error handling of ER998. This expands on improvements made in Firmware 6.4, that introduced a Reboot button for errors that required a printer reboot.


Error 998 causes the touchscreen software to freeze – sometimes during printing. Rebooting the printer solves the problem, but also stops printing. But with this firmware release, you will no longer need to completely reboot your machine. Instead, you can reboot the touchscreen alone by clicking on the Refresh button that will automatically appear.

For more information, you can visit the ER998 support page.

Optimized material handling for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Material Station

A number of improvements have been launched for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Material Station:

  • Improved material unloading increases reliability

  • More accurate material loading for greater efficiency

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Improvements to the material unloading process

When a print ends or switches materials, the filament is retracted back into the Ultimaker S5 Material Station. This initiates the deprime process, which ensures that the material has a clean tip with no stringing. With Firmware 6.5, this process is enhanced.


The enhanced deprime process has been extended to include more generic materials. This is in addition to improvements made to the (un)loading of Ultimaker materials in Firmware 6.4. Both of these advancements improve the reliability of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Material Station by significantly reducing issues caused by filament blockage or friction when loading material.

Updated material loading procedure

Firmware 6.5 makes the material loading process more efficient for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Material Station. How? The Ultimaker S5 contains a flow sensor in the printer’s feeders. With the updated loading procedure, these sensors will detect the tip of the filament and calculate its distance from the nozzle. This more efficient material handling decreases the chances of filament grinding and loading errors.

S5 sensor feeder

Make sure you’re using the most recent firmware or download the latest version for your printer.

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