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Inside Ultimaker: Meet Anouschka Wodrada

Ultimaker has a great team of people – who work together to make our company what it is: exciting, dynamic and forward-thinking. Our Inside Ultimaker series provides insight into our talented crew – across a range of different roles and skill-sets. It’s also a chance to hear about what it’s like to work with us.

Anouschka is Ultimaker’s HR Manager, and it’s her job to make sure every member of our team is happy. Fortunately for us, this is something she excels at!

A great HR Manager should love working with people, and Anouschka certainly does. She makes sure that every aspect of our working environment is right for our team – from the buildings and offices, down to the food and drinks. She also ensures that the Ultimaker team receive their correct benefits and compensation, and turbo-charges employee development through training and other opportunities.

Before Ultimaker

Anouschka has a Master’s degree in Law – and specializes in general Dutch law, criminal law and international law. She really knows her stuff when it comes to legal rights within the workplace! After completing her degree, she undertook extensive training in senior management, then spent 20 years working with some of the world’s largest multinational companies.

If this wasn’t enough, she also has experience working as an HR Manager on an international level, and her formidable skills and experience make her ideal for her role at Ultimaker.

Anouschka Wodrada

Passion for HR and 3D printing

After spending considerable time working with I.T. and tech companies, it’s hardly surprising that Anouschka was drawn to Ultimaker. In fact, she claims that our working environment is where she feels most comfortable – and that she loves the fast-paced, innovative atmosphere.

We asked her what her favorite thing was about Ultimaker, and she told us it was that “everything is possible! Nothing is strange, you can use your creativity – and all our people are real entrepreneurs.” She loves the company’s forward-thinking, progressive ethos, and believes that we’re set to grow in the future.

Outside work

Of course, Anouschka likes to take time off, just like the rest of us! When she’s not keeping our team firmly on track, you’ll find her at home, in the beautiful town on Breukelen which is just between Utrecht and Amsterdam. An ideal day for Anouschka is sailing down the Vecht river, watching a movie (preferably with Dustin Hoffman or Robin Williams in it), or reading a good book. And when it snows? You’ll find her heading to the mountains to enjoy some good quality skiing!

Quick-fire questions

  • Pick three words that best describe your team.

    Caring, ambitious, always happy to go the extra mile (I just went over three, didn’t I!)

  • What’s the best part of your job?

    The people, and the environment I work in. The view from my window is also amazing. And I get to bring my dog into the office on Fridays; everyone enjoys taking her for a walk!

  • Favorite quote?

    “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I believe we should all aim for something higher, as we often amaze ourselves with what we can achieve.

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