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Inside Ultimaker: Meet Jasper van Damme

Behind every successful company, there is a talented team of people, each with their own unique skill set and talents. Our Inside Ultimaker series is designed to provide a deeper look at our talent here at Ultimaker across a variety of different roles, teams, and experience levels. Today, the spotlight is on Jasper Van Damme.

Everyone agrees that Jasper is an amazing product manager. He has an uncanny way of being able to connect the dots, making sure that changes to our machines and services are carried out in a controlled way. Jasper also coordinates the multidisciplinary work that’s required to get the job done. He also works closely with our external network of sales partners who need to know what is changing in order for them to service the customer in the best possible way.

Before Ultimaker

Before joining Ultimaker, Jasper completed his studies in mechanical engineering at a technical university in Eindhoven. He also achieved a master’s in Human Technology Interaction. After his studies, he worked as an IT Business Analyst and Innovation Specialist at a large Dutch utility company. His main focus there was the Internet-Of-Things and smart technologies in a role that required him to become a ‘translator' between the business and technical departments – the knowledge that’s been easily transferred into his role at Ultimaker.

3D printing was Jasper’s hobby for several years – exploring the possibilities of this new and promising technology. One day he came across a vacancy at Ultimaker, and he decided to take a chance in turning his hobby into a career.

Jasper van Damme

Jasper's day

On an average day, Jasper is organizing progress meetings, facilitating the weekly Change Board, troubleshooting problems and completing project related work for product launches.

One part of his job he particularly likes is being able to help the company reach a more professional level – and actually see the company grow. He also loves the energy from his colleagues which creates a really positive vibe.

And how does Jasper think the 3D printing industry and Ultimaker will change in the next 5-10 years?: “It’s going to be massive! Especially in the professional environment, 3D printers will become more relevant in the coming years. I believe that people are just starting to explore the possibilities of 3D printing. Printers are becoming faster and more accurate and with a growing set of filament types, it’s possible to use 3D printed parts in more and more applications.”

Quick-fire questions

  • What are three words to describe your team?

    Make it happen!

  • Favorite 3D print?

    I’m really happy with the custom parts I create and print. A lot of the parts I print cost a fortune in the store, or they just don’t fit or even exist. In which case, I just make them myself.

  • One thing you can’t resist?

    A good challenge.

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