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Inside Ultimaker: Meet Layla Smid

Every company needs a great team behind it – which is why we feel very fortunate to have so many talented, passionate people working with us. Our Inside Ultimaker series gives you the chance to meet our team and discover what it’s like to work here.

Layla Smid is our enthusiastic technical support expert. It’s her job to help our resellers with their support cases, and she’s always one of the first to test out new software or hardware features – an aspect of her role that she really enjoys.

When she’s not helping our resellers, Layla is busy ensuring her 3D printing knowledge is up-to-date and spends time testing out the machines and improving her printing skills, so she can pass the knowledge on to others.

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Layla’s day

Layla is a self-confessed early bird who starts work each day at 7:45am. She begins with her emails and checks to see if there are new tickets in the CRM. When she’s addressed the tickets, she starts her assignments and research and collates them into a report. Some of the assignments require her to test the printers (which she loves). She leaves the printers to their task, then returns to them later in the day; writing up the results in her reports.

The print-room also needs to be maintained and all the printers need to be in full working order. So Layla often finds herself checking the machinery and repairing any minor problems. This is an aspect she thrives on, as it develops her practical knowledge.

Free time

Of course, it’s not all work for Layla. At home, she loves baking, walking in the woods with her dog and reading a good book (she admits to reading cheesy historical romances in her spare time!). Layla also loves watching a gripping TV series or two, such as Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries.

Unsurprisingly, her home is full of 3D printed ornaments, like a vase, a picture frame, a phone holder and some writing gear.

Quick-fire questions

  • What three words describe your team?

    Fun, supportive, enthusiastic.

  • What’s the best thing about your job?

    Working with new technology that’s under constant development – it just never gets old when there’s always something new to learn.

  • When are you happiest?

    When the sun is shining. And when I’m eating Lily’s brownies, which are very well-known at Ultimaker!

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