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Inside Ultimaker: Meet Lenneke de Penning

We’re proud of our team at Ultimaker, and we recognize their vital role in our success. Our series, Inside Ultimaker, is designed to give you some insight into the people who work with us, and what it’s like to be a part of our company. Enjoy!

Team leaders play an important role in any company – and we’re no exception! Lenneke de Penning, our assembly team leader, leads our group of talented assembly operators; and ensures that our production line runs smoothly at all times.

In addition to this, she also takes on a lot of administrative work, not to mention plenty of other tasks from fellow team leaders and supervisors. In fact, Lenneke is so hands-on at Ultimaker, she recently joined the Works Council, who she’ll be working with to ensure Ultimaker progresses even further in the future. How’s that for dedication?

Lenneke de Penning

Before Ultimaker

Before she joined the Ultimaker team, Lenneke actually worked as a photographer which must be where she developed her keen eye for detail and sharp focus!

She was actively seeking a job within a company that was dynamic, progressive and growing steadily which is where we came in. Lenneke says: “When people ask me what kind of work I do, I tell them that we build 3D printers and that it’s really awesome.”

Lenneke’s life outside work

When Lenneke isn’t coordinating her team, she likes to be at home, spending time with her girlfriend. She also loves sports, particularly soccer (she’s a goalkeeper!), and is also with the Dutch Army Reserve – a position that she finds really rewarding.

3D printing is understandably another of Lenneke’s loves in life – and she recently printed a light saber and a scorpion, among many other things. Her big passion is printing tools and objects that can actually be used for practical purposes.

Quick-fire questions

  • What three words describe your team?

    Enthusiastic, diverse, driven.

  • What do you love most about your job?

    To learn about and work with 3D printers. I’ve been a part of the company’s journey, and I hope to see it grow even more.

  • What’s your favorite quote?

    “What do we say to the God of Death? Not today!” – Game of Thrones

Working at Ultimaker is exciting, and no two days are ever the same. If you’d like to find out more about working with us, view our current vacancies today!