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Introducing new Intent profiles with Ultimaker Cura 4.6 beta

Since their introduction in Ultimaker Cura 4.4,  Intent profiles for the Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 have proved to be very popular. This feature allows our users to start prints with the click of a button, forgoing the need for a great deal of configuration steps.

New Intent profiles 

The success of Intent profiles have prompted a call from the market to expand our offerings. With Ultimaker Cura 4.6 beta, we've done just that: engineering Intent profiles have been expanded to include Ultimaker PC, Nylon, CPE, and CPE+.

cura 4.6 new intent profiles
New engineering Intent profiles are compatible with 0.4 mm print cores

These engineering profiles, which are compatible with AA 0.4 mm print cores, allow you to simplify your print preparation workflow, produce better output from your printer, and enhance dimensional accuracy, so you can print models with improved tolerances.

New features 

Other new features in Ultimaker Cura 4.6 beta include: 

Show active post-processing scripts. fieldOfview has contributed an ease-of-use improvement to the post-processing plugin. The number of enabled post-processing scripts will now display as a badge notification over the post-processing scripts icon. A tooltip provides extra information regarding which scripts are enabled, allowing quick and easy inspection. 

Hole horizontal expansion. Smartavionics has contributed a new setting that applies an offset to all holes on each layer, enabling the manual enlargement or contraction of holes as needed to counteract horizontal expansion. 

Updated installer. Small fixes have been made to the installer. We’ve also updated the images to display an Ultimaker S3 instead of an Ultimaker 3. 

Per-model settings. The "Infill only" checkbox has been changed to a dropdown selection: “Infill mesh only” or “Cutting mesh.” 

Transparent support rendering. In preview mode with “Line type” selected, support material will render with transparency so you can easily see what’s being supported.

cura-4.6 transparent support layer
In preview mode with “Line type” selected, support material will render with transparency

Third-party printers

Support has been added for third-party printers, including:

Flying Bear printers. Added new definition for Flying Bear Ghost 4S Printer.

Magicfirm printers. Added new definitions for MBot Grid II+, MBot Grid II+ (dual), MBot Grid IV+, and MBot Grid IV+ (dual).

HMS434. Updates to the HMS434 machine profile have been contributed by Maukcc.

Security improvements 

Backup storage size. We’ve put a hard limit on backup file size to prevent other files being stored there. 

Bug fixes 

3MF G-code comments removed. Fixed a bug where comments were removed from Start/End G-codes when opening from a 3MF. 

Give us your feedback!

Discover other exciting developments by downloading the beta today. Beta releases are all about user feedback, so don’t forget to give us yours on our community of 3D printing experts.

Download the beta

Please note this version of Ultimaker Cura is in the beta phase and still under development. Be sure to use the latest stable release if you’re working on an important project.

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